Mrs Rosie Garton

Job: Programme Leader Performance and Digital Arts

Faculty: Arts, Design and Humanities

School/department: School of Humanities and Performing Arts

Address: De Montfort University (DMU), Leicester, UK

T: +44 (0)116 2013 872




Personal profile

Rosie is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader of Performing Arts. She is also a performance maker, director and writer. She is Co- Artistic Director of Anglo-German performance company Zoo Indigo, who make nationally and internationally touring multi-media performance work. 


Research group affiliations

 Institute of drama, dance and performance studies

Research interests/expertise

Research Interests

  • The bicycle as a an ecological mode of travel
  • Gendered spatial practices in urban spaces
  • Multingual contemporary theatre
  • Walking as an artistic practice
  • Inclusive pedagogic practices


  • Devising for contemporary theatre
  • Using autobiography in theatre
  • Creative Writing for theatre
  • Live Art
  • Learning from environment
  • Multi-media performance

Areas of teaching

  • Post Dramatic Performance
  • Deconstructing Performance
  • International Performance Project (Becoming an artist in residence)
  • Performance Company (Professional theatre practice)
  • Research Project (Thesis)
  • Postgraduate supervisor


  • PhD 'The Disruptive Performance of the Female on the Bicycle'. De Montfort University (current)
  • MA  Performance and Live Art. Nottingham Trent University 2005
  • BA (Hons) Theatre Arts. De Montfort University 2001

Courses taught

  • Performing Arts BA (Hons)
  • Drama Studies BA (Hons)
  • MA Performance Practices
  • MA Arts

Honours and awards

2021. DMU Teaching and Research Award. 'Best use of technology'

2021. DMU Teaching and Research Award 'Most Innovative and Adaptable Lecturer'

2020.  DMU Vice Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award

2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021. Nominated for DMU Vice Chancellor’s Distinguished Teacher Award 

Membership of external committees


Membership of professional associations and societies


Forthcoming events

Currently touring (nationally and internationally) with Zoo Indigo’s performance  'Don't Leave Me This Way'

Conference attendance

Presentations at:

Garton, R. (2022) ‘Celebrating difference: using performance practices to give voice to lived experiences'. Social and Environmental Justice for a Sustainble Future,  Christ Church Canterbury University 

Garton, R. (2022) 'The cycleborg: the female on wheels as contemporary vehicle for environmental change’. Social and Environmental Justice for a Sustainble Future,  Christ Church Canterbury University 

Garton, R. (2022) 'Decolonising DMU: Through Co-Creation'. Advance HE’s EDI Colloquium: Decolonising Pedagogies

Garton, R. (2021) 'Spectacles of joy and risk: The female on a bicycle', Borderlines, De Montfort Univeristy, Leicester

Garton, R. (2021) 'Disruptive/ed Pedagogies' Teaching and Learning Conference, De Montfort University, Leicester 

Garton, R. & Rippel, I (2018) 'No Woman's Land'.  International Federation of Theatre Research,   University of Belgrade, Serbia

Garton, R., & Rippel, I (2018) 'Borders and Beyond',   Biography and Public History, University of Nottingham

Garton, R. & Rippel, I (2016) 'Maternity and Borderlands: a reflection on No Woman’s Land'.   ‘International Conference on Culture,  Communication and Transnational Societies’ , Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok

Garton, R. & Rippel, I (2016) P'erforming Maternity'. Performance and the Maternal. Edge Hill University, Liverpool

Garton, R. & Rippel, I (2015) 'Under the Covers: an interactive audience'  Play, Perform, Participate -   The International Society for  Intermedial Studies,  The University of Utrecht, Utrecht

Garton, R. & Rippel, I (2013) 'Under the Covers: re-creating film' at The International Cinema in Theatre, Université Lumière, Lyon     

Garton, R. (2012) 'Between me you and the breast pump: the performance of  motherhood in public spaces'.  PSI Conference, at University of Leeds

Garton, R. & Rippel, I (2012) 'Virtual distance: conversations between virtual and real spaces'.  Space and place conference, University of Worcester

Garton, R. & Rippel, I (2010) 'This is now, this is live: Virtual parenting'. DRHA – Sensual Technologies, Brunel University 

Garton, R. & Rippel, I (2010)  'This is now, this is live: Virtual parenting'  (re) Performing the Posthuman, University of Sussex  

Garton, R. & Rippel, I (2010) 'This is now, this is live: Audience responsibility'. JAM The Audience Spectacular, Reading University 

Garton, R. (2009) 'This is now, this is live: Immediacy of virtual relationships'. MA symposium, University of Chester          

Garton, R. & Rippel, I (2009) 'This is now, this is live: Immediacy and unpredictability of live virtual presence'.  Performing Presence Conference, University of Exeter

Garton, R. & Rippel, I (2009) 'This is now, this is live: Virtual relationships'  Lincoln University      

Recent research outputs


Garton, R. & Rippel, I. (2021) ‘Loss and Being Lost: Performing Precarity through Multilingual text, Song and Music’ Critical Stages Iss no. 24 (Dec 2021)


Garton, R. & Rippel, I. (2019) ‘No Woman’s Land - Walking as a Dramaturgical device in performance of maternal migration’ Critical Stages Iss no. 20 (Dec 2019)

Garton, R. & Rippel, I (2019) ‘Borders of time and transportations of digital image’ in Intermediality in Theatre, ed. Crossley, M. London: Routledge

Rippel, I. & Garton, R. (2017) Maternal Ruptures/Raptures, Performance Research Journal, 22:4, 36-43

 Garton, R. & Rippel. (2016) Fantasizing Motherhood, Live Art and the Maternal, Live Art Development Agency (online study guide)

 Garton, R. & Rippel, I. (2016) Constructing Performance, The Drawing Board (online journal)

 Garton, R. (2016) Collaboration is a curious lover, Collaborations Choreography and Dance  (online journal)

Garton, R. (2015) Reflecting on partnerships between Higher Education and Professional Theatre Practices in Higher Education and Theatre Conference 2015 (online)

Rippel, I. & Garton, R. (2011) This is now, this is Live, Body, Space and Technology Journal (online)


Key articles information

Performance projects

Don't Leave Me This Way - performance (2020 - currently touring)

No Woman’s Land  - performance (2015 – 2019)

No Woman’s Land  - documentary film (2016)

Celluloid Souls –performance (2016 – 2019)

Flat Out – street performance (2013)

Blueprint - performance (2010-2012)

Circle Symphony – site specific performance (2011)

Under the Covers - performance (2009 – 2013)

For further practice as research projects please see

Externally funded research grants information



Project: Research and development for Britizenship

Details: Research in Romania, Ireland and Hungary - re-tracing our British-ness (or lack of it) in a post-Brexit Britain

Funders: Arts Council England


Project: Yes/No/Maybe

Details: touring performance work exploring binary code

Funders: AHRC


Project: Organisational Development
Funders: Arts Council England


Project: No Woman’s Land - performance
Details: Multi-media performance exploring a history of expulsion and walking mothers post World War II
Funders: In Good Company and Arts Council England

Nationally and internationally touring project

Project: No Woman’s Land – a film documentary
Details: An experimental film documentary following the Zoo Indigo duo across Poland and Germany retracing the footsteps of Lucia Rippel in 1945
Funders: In Good Company and Arts Council England

Nationally and internationally touring project

Project: Celluloid Souls - performance
Details: A multi-media performance using the cinematic experience to examine gender and cultural roles in cult films
Funders: Arts Council England and In Good Company
Commission: Pilot Nights, Birmingham

UK touring project


Project: No Woman’s Land – walking project
Details: International project walking across Poland and Germany, research and creation of film documentary
Funders: Arts Council England and In Good Company (Derby Theatre, Attenborough Arts Centre, Create Theatre)


Project: Blueprint - performance
Details: Multimedia theatre/science collaboration
Commissioned: Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham
Funded: Arts Council England

Nationally and internationally touring project

Project: Flat Out  - Street Performance
Details: Intervention performance work exploring public mothering
Commissioned: Hatch, Nottingham and Hazard Festival, Manchester


Project: Circle Symphony – large-scale site specific performance
Details: Site-specific durational project at Nottingham Playhouse; part of NEAT11 festival
Commissioned: Nottingham Playhouse
Funded: Arts Council England


Project: Under the Covers - performance
Details: Multi media performance collaboration with ventmedia exploring virtual mothering
Commissioned: HATCH Nottingham, Forest Fringe (Edinburgh);
Funded: Arts Council England

Nationally and internationally touring project 


Project: Cultural exchange project
Details: Research project making links with artists in Nottingham’s twinned city Karlsruhe
Funded: Arts Council England and Nottingham City Council


Project: White as Snow, Red as Blood - Performance
Details: Collaboration with multi-media artist Barret Hodgson exploring the relationship between Grimms Tales and the modern day woman
Funded: Arts Council England 
Commissioned: Loughborough Town Hall, NTU


Project: Dress Code: Indigo (unplugged) - Performance
Details: Collaboration with musicians of the Knife and Forkestra. 
Funded: Arts Council England

UK touring project


Project: Lounge Living - Performance
Details: Collaboration with FLYdance dance company and Barret Hodsgon digital artist
Funded: Arts Council England 
Commissioned: Derby Dance
Supported by: Power House, Nottingham and The Place, London

UK touring project

Project: Private I – Performance
Details: Investigative collaboration with dance artist Kerryn Wise and multi-media artist Barret Hodgson
Funded: Arts Council England 
Commissioned: Bonington Gallery, Nottingham 

Professional esteem indicators

Komporaly, J (2016) ‘Making a Spectacle: Motherhood in Contemporary British Theatre and Performance’, Theatre History Studies. Vol 35 USA: University of Albama Press

Senior, A (2016) ‘Natality: Performance’s Ontological Other and the Arendtian Appearance of Children in Contemporary Performance’,Theatre Research International. Vol 41, Iss 1 P70-84. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Meyer-Dinkgrafe, D (2013) Observing Theatre. Rodopi

Case studies


Rosie Garton