Miss Mahnoor Shoaib

Job: PhD student

Faculty: Arts, Design and Humanities

School/department: Leicester School of Architecture

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: 07506675936

E: mahnoorshoaib.25@gmail.com


Personal profile

Mahnoor Shoaib gained a Bachelor of Art in Interior Design from Heriot-Watt University. She worked in professional practice as an interior designer at a local company in Dubai for a year before pursuing her postgraduate study in the UK. Throughout the MSc degree she gained in Architecture and Sustainability from DMU, she developed a solid foundation in sustainability design, expanding her perspective to build a holistic approach towards environmental sustainability that is essential to integrate into our present and future built environment.

Currently, Mahnoor is a doctoral candidate at DMU, where she is due to complete her Ph.D. by 2024. Her research is based on high-rise residential buildings with a focus on the socio-cultural aspect of sustainability. This study will recognise the significant concerns of communities to produce a conceptual framework for socially progressive architecture that incorporates new conceptualization of spatial agency and represents a stronger ethical engagement in society. More generally, the research will contribute to improved quality of life in high-rise residential buildings and create sustainable, socially cohesive communities.

Research interests/expertise

Architecture, Sustainable development, Interior design, Green buildings, High-rise, residential buildings, Housing etc.



PhD project

PhD title

Improving the quality of life through sustainable high-rise living as a response to current social issues caused by urbanization in developing countries.

Names of supervisors