DMU's 150 anniversary exhibition

This year marks 150 years since the opening of DMU's predecessor institution, the Leicester School of Art. 

To celebrate, we've put together an exhibition which explores what really shapes our vibrant community;  the hidden histories, social changes, campus transformations, unforgettable moments and outstanding research. 

Click on any image to find out more about how it links to the ongoing story of De Montfort University. 

Curated by: Elizabeth Wheelband, Steven Peachey of DMU Heritage Centre

First annual report of the Leicester School of Art 1870 Goad Insurance Company Map showing Pocklingtons Walk 1938-1961 John Fulleylove, Castlestreet Leicester, Pencil Sketch, 1870 Physics Machinery, Early 20th Century Plan for extension of Hawthorne Building 1935 The Fletcher Building 1966 Benjamin Fletcher, Dryad Furniture Works The Gate of Opportunity, Fundraising Brochure, 1927 Leicester Polytechnic Prospectus, 1986-87 Leicester College of Art Diary, Simon de Montfort, Lithograph, 1950 Leicester Gallery (Art Collections) The First World War Leicester Colleges of Art and Technology, Minute Book, 1919 The Roll of Honour, 1919> War Work Poster William 'Bill' Heaton, Glassware, 1970s Rigby Graham (Art Collections) Pageant of Leicester, 1932 Christopherson Collection (Art Collections) Artificial Pancreas The Artist's Studio, Christian Furr, Oil on Canvas, 1989 Upcycled Plastic Prosthetics, Dr Karthikeyan Kandan, 2019 Sian Hickey, Period Proof Lingerie, Contour Fashion, 2019