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UCAS Tariff Guide

Listed below are the points values UCAS has assigned to different levels of common UK qualifications.

If you have a qualification not listed, visit the UCAS website| directly or contact our admissions department|.

A levels and AS - GCE & VCE
Grade    Tariff points
Double Award
A level with additional
AS (9 units)
GCE A level and
GCE AS Double
A*A*         280
A*A         260
AA         240
AB         220
BB A*A*       200
BC AA       180
  AB       170
CC         160
  BB       150
CD BC A*     140
DD CC A AA   120
  CD   AB   110
DE   B BB   100
  DD   BC   90
EE DE C CC   80
      CD   70
  EE D DD A 60
      DE B 50
    E EE C 40
        D 30
        E 20
BTEC qualifications (QCF) (Suite of qualifications known as Nationals)
Grade    Tariff points
Extended Diploma Diploma 90 credit Diploma Subsidiary Diploma  Certificate  
D*D*D*         420
D*D*D         400
D*DD         380
DDD         360
DDM         320
DMM D*D*       280
  D*D       260
MMM DD       240
    D*D*     210
MMP DM D*D     200
    DD     180
MPP MM DM     160
      D*   140
PPP MP MM D   120
    MP     100
  PP   M   80
        D* 70
    PP   D 60
      P M 40
        P 20
OCR Nationals
Grade  Tariff points
National Extended Diploma National Diploma National Certificate  
D1     360
D2/M1     320
M2     280
M3 D   240
P1 M1   200
P2 M2/P1   160
P3 P2 D 120
  P3 M 80
    P 40
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