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Complimentary to the services provided by Counselling, Mental Health and Wellbeing is a selection of self help resources aimed at helping you through a range of issues faced by students during their studies.


Another option to consider is to sign up to an online self-help CBT package, SilverCloud. To find out more please see contact details listed for IAPT on our main page.

SilverCloud makes use of video clips, interactive quizzes, reflective exercises and audio mindfulness exercises. it includes help with depression, anxiety, OCD, phobias, social anxiety, stress and body image. Information is also available on self esteem, sleep difficulties and relaxation techniques.

You can work at your own pace, any time, any place anywhere using a smart phone or a web based intervention. You will be offered ongoing reviews from a well-being practitioner/IAPT worker. The programmes consist of CBT evidence based interventions and techniques which are recognised to have a positive impact on low mood and anxiety, including mindfulness.  


There is a strong link between physical activity and positive mental health and wellbeing. Motimate is a six week programme designed to help wellbeing in many ways, e.g. encourage students to be more active and have a structured activity to go to in order to improve mood, boost self-esteem and energy levels. Motimate provides students with opportunities to try something new, be around other people, increase motivation, have fun, lose weight etc.

With support from instructors from the QEII Leisure Centre, the Motimate programmes can be flexible and customised to suit individual needs. For example, improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, stamina and flexibility. Activities can include a gym programme, any of the classes, the climbing wall and swimming. 

Students can attend the Leisure Centre as often as they like, free of charge, during the 6 week programme. We recommend attending at least 2-3 times a week to get the full benefits from the programme. Regular reviews can be requested, to talk through progress, highlight barriers, ask for support and adjust their programme etc. 

How to access Motimate:

  • To ensure that we direct you to the appropriate service you need to first book a Single Point of Access Appointment (SPA) where your needs will be assessed. SPA appointments can be booked via MyGateway; each lasts about 30 minutes. 
  • You can also book SPA appointments in person at Student Gateway reception, which is located on the ground floor of Gateway House.

Self help guides

The mental health and wellbeing team have provided a set of leaflets designed to help students understand and work through various issues that may affect them. The guides can be accessed in leaflet or audio form. Click here to see the list of guides available.

Natural relaxation

Natural relaxation can alleviate stress that occurs when we feel more pressure than we can cope with. Work through this relaxation package to equip yourself with relaxation techniques.

Managing depression

If you are concerned that depression is affecting your life or the life of someone you know then our managing depression page can help.

Managing stress and anxiety

Manage stress that your studies can cause is important to ensure you maintain the balance between being relaxed and energised. Read our advice and guidance on how cope with a build up of pressure.

Common difficulties  

We have collated information about a number of the more common difficulties students are faced with to help you make sense of your situation and helping you to decide what to do next.


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