Do more on MyDMU!

You’re probably used to hopping on MyDMU to check your timetable or view your exam schedule.

But soon you’ll be able to do a whole lot more…

  • Check which modules you’re registered on
  • Check your progress against your degree or study programme
  • See all your assessment deadlines (with real-time updates!)
  • Check your DMU account balance - stay on top of your payments

The new tiles will be available 24/7 on any device.

What's coming first?

The first tiles will be:

  • My Personal Details: View, update and amend the details the university has on file about you. This is a new version of the Personal Information app.
  • My Account Balance: Check your DMU account balance anytime. See if scholarship or other payments have been made. Get info on fees, and make sure you don’t owe DMU any money!
  • Registered Modules: View details of the modules you’re registered on.

And more will be coming soon!

When will the shiny new apps land on My DMU dashboard?

If you’re studying:

  • BA Contour Fashion (Arts, Design and Humanities)
  • BA Game Art (Technology)
  • MSc Healthcare Science Audiology (Health and Life Sciences)
  • BA Public Administration and Management (SCOPE at City University, Hong Kong)

you’ll see the new tiles on MyDMU during June.

That's because we want to try out the first few tiles with a smaller group of students so we can check they’re working well.

Everyone else will get the new tiles ready for the start of the next academic year.

Watch this space for further news – and keep an eye out for updates in #loveDMU, student pages and posters and info around campus.

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