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Employability Mentoring Project

Your opportunity to gain life-changing advice and guidance through an experienced industry mentor who can boost your career development.


Employability Mentoring at DMU

The Employability Mentoring project aims to improve your employability ready for graduation with the support of professional industry based mentors. Our mentors seek to help you to realise your full potential and achieve success in academic study, employment and life to help you become the person you aspire to be. Working with us and our mentors you will explore the following questions:

  • Where am I now? We will help you to clarify where you are at in relation to your own employability and its current value.
  • Where do I want to be? We will help you to identify a future desired state as to the sort of professional you aim to become.
  • How will I get there? We will help you to explore future pathways using the experience and perspectives of our employability mentors.
  • What is my action plan? We will help you to undertake actions based on new learning to think, speak and act differently in order to become the professional you seek to be.

What is Employability Mentoring?

When you join the project to become a mentee, we will provide great support for you. We will help you develop professional skills to enable you to connect with mentors from industry. Our mentors can share their expertise through face-to-face, online and group mentoring experiences. Think of the Employability Mentoring project as a journey which will help you grow and learn about yourself with the support of professional mentors.

This short film tells you more about what we do:

Produced by Josh Penlington, DMU graduate.

How does Employability Mentoring benefit students?

Students who engage successfully in mentoring will likely develop:

  • A clearer understanding of your current position regarding their employability
  • An improved awareness of the sort of professional they wish to become
  • Improved access to knowledge and experience from employability mentors
  • Improved opportunity to affect positive change to their own career plans as a result of the input of employability mentors

What do students think?

"Talking to a mentor has given me a better understanding of the way employers think and what they expect and accordingly tailor my application to give myself a good chance." - Sumon

"I found out that mentoring is not just about employability but is also about becoming the best you can be in every aspect of life." - Kam

"The vast amount advice I received was extremely useful to go forward keeping me motivated whilst studying." - Kate

"I discovered more about networking events and using social media such as LinkedIn to stand out and communicate with potential employers." - Ejiro

Group mentoring

Group mentoring is a chance to ask questions and to learn from the questions of fellow student mentees. It’s also a great opportunity to get comfortable with industry professionals and learn from their responses before being matched to your one to one mentor.

Interested in being mentored?

To find out more about mentoring and how it could make a real difference to your future prospects, please fill out and submit the expression of interest form. We’ll arrange to meet you so you can ask any questions and find out if this programme is right for you.

Building Partnerships at DMU: Leicester Castle Business School 

We have an active partnership with the Leicester Castle Business School at DMU, which provide our students with quality mentoring. One such example was working with Bijna Dasani, notable DMU alumni and award winning financial services executive. This short film highlights the value and power of mentoring for our students.

Latest project news

Our Employability Mentoring newsletter contains the latest news about the project and updates from the team:

Employability Mentoring Newsletter January 2018

A quality assured project

We strive to provide the highest quality service to mentors and mentees alike. The project proudly holds a major quality assurance mark. The Approved Provider Scheme from the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation was awarded to our project in November 2015 following a detailed audit of our Employability Mentoring Project at De Montfort University. We are proud to have achieved this award and strive to maintain and build on the quality of our services in pursuit of our projects vision.


 NCVO approved provider

Contact our team

General project email:

Andy Morris 
Employability Mentoring Manager

T: 0116 207 8979 
M: 07909 000127

Durgha Ramji
Employability Mentoring Assistant

T: 0116 257 7478



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