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Glorious Collisions 2015, School of Arts, Festival of Creativity, De Montfort University (DMU), Leicester, UK

Glorious Collisions

Where the live and digital arts collide with glorious results

Glorious Collisions 2015  

Glorious Collisions

Glorious Collisions is an opportunity for our Performing Arts BA (Hons) | students to come together in a memorable evening, where the live and digital arts collide with glorious results.

Trailer 2014

Glorious Collisions 2014 |

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Calendar 2015

Venue: PACE Building, De Montfort University, Leicester 

Date: Wednesday 10 June 2015 

Performance Installations – 6pm
Sit-down performances – 6:30pm

Tickets: £5 (full price) /£4 (concessions) Book online|


Glorious Collisions gallery 2014 |

DMU Performance Arts Facebook gallery of Glorious Collisions 2014 | held at the PACE Building, De Montfort University, Leicester.

Previous performances

Glorious Collisions 2013 |

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