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Stephen Lawrence Research Centre

Legacy in action

The Stephen Lawrence Research Centre aims to drive forward conversations that will shape and influence how we think about race and social justice. It intends to honour the enduring legacy of Stephen Lawrence’s life and his family’s ongoing pursuit of justice by asking new questions, debating critical issues, raising awareness, and advocating to bring about positive change.

Notice: The Stephen Lawrence Research Centre will not be open to the public on Tuesday 30th November and Thursday 9th December due to internal and external events.

Un/settled Multiculturalisms

A series of live webinars that will discuss concurrent racial catastrophes that have unfolded during 2020 through Professor Barnor Hesse’s idea on race and ‘transruptions’.

The Exchange

A new webinar series bringing together guest speakers in an inclusive space to exchange ideas and address issues and perspectives that are oftentimes underrepresented in the public arena and in academic research.

Watch: Baroness Doreen Lawrence, SLRC Director Dr Kennetta Hammond Perry and DMU's Head of Special Collections, Katharine Short talk about the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre.

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