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Cultural Perspectives: Spiritual Interpretations of Human Experience

Speaker: Dr Natalie Tobert is a medical anthropologist who specialises in social inclusion education for medical schools, hospitals and universities.  She offers staff training on spiritual and cultural perspectives for understanding health. She has undertaken original fieldwork research in Sudan and India, and also in UK with the NHS and Kings Fund.

As travel brings us into contact with a diverse range of peoples, our medical systems must adapt to cater for different approaches to ‘mental illness.’  An awareness of cultural diversity reduces stigma, and allows healthcare professionals to better engage with their future patients.  There are several groups who express dissatisfaction with current medical model of mental health diagnosis and treatment: colonised populations in their country of origin; new migrants, refugees and asylum seekers; people who perceive their experiences to be spiritual; plus psychiatrists and psychologists who are aware their training doesn’t fit the spirit of our times.   This talk and discussion is based upon training courses Dr Natalie Tobert taught at hospitals and medical schools.

Book to accompany this talk: Tobert N 2016 "Cultural Perspectives on Mental Wellbeing: Spiritual Interpretations of Symptoms in Medical Practice". London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Philosophies, theories and the research process: Making sense of different perspectives

Speaker: Professor Brown

By popular demand, Brown will discuss philosophies and theories that have a bearing on  the research process. Positivism, realism, interpretivism, postmodernism – what does it all mean? If you’ve ever been intrigued by these ideas and wondered how they might pertain to your own work  this session will be of  interest. So it’s not just a monologue and we can get some discussion going, come with some ideas of your own, perhaps from your own research, or from issues you’ve puzzled over.

A critique of global mental health assumptions and claims – and how we should respond to the mental health crisis post lockdown

Organising faculty/school/research group: Mary Seacole Research Seminar Series
Speaker: Dr. Derek Summerfield, Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Institute of psychiatry, London

Publications by Derek Summerfield:

Summerfield D. (2008). How scientifically valid is the knowledge base of global mental health? British Medical Journal, 336, 992–4 doi: 10.1136/bmj.39513.441030.AD

Summerfield, Derek. (2017). Western depression is not a universal condition. The British Journal of Psychiatry. 211. 52.1-52. 10.1192/bjp.211.1.52.


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