Media and Culture Research Centre areas of expertise

The MCRC is an interdisciplinary research centre whose main areas of expertise are:

  1. Representation
  2. Media technical change & culture
  3. Cultural citizenship
  4. Cultural & Media policy
  5. Cultural Value
  6. Sustainability

Some examples of the work of MCRC members in these areas are:


Migrant communities, Race, youth engagement, media representation of women, national and cultural belonging, pop culture, subcultures, gender identities & intersectionality, black masculinity.

Media technical change & culture 

Disinformation, Big Data, social disadvantage through human centred design, database culture, TV Studies and streaming cultures.

Cultural citizenship 

Multiculturalism and decolonization, online, women in academia, mental health, sports rights and the media, Festival studies.

Cultural & Media policy

Institutional analysis, sport & the media, journalism and political actors in India.  

Cultural Value

Online communication and persuasion, intersections between the aesthetics of media forms and ideology.


Consumerism and sustainable development, cultures of waste.

The MCRC undertakes this research utilising a wide range of methods including textual analysis, semiotic analysis, statistical analysis, industry/policy analysis, ethnography, games-based modelling as well as theory led approaches.