Garbage In Value Out (GIVO)

Led by Muyiwa Oyinlola
Funded by Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)

Circular Plastic Economy Innovation Hub

Led by Muyiwa Oyinlola 
Funded by British Council

Proof-of-concept project to reduce exposure to chemical and biological aerosols in a public transport environment  

Led by Abhishek Tiwary
Funded by TRANSITION Clean Air Network and BioAirNet

SaFEGround - Sustainable, Flexible and Efficient Ground-source heating and cooling systems  

Led By Andrew Wright
Funded by EPSRC

Solar-powered Mobility-as-a-Service for Africa (Solar MaaS)

Led by Rupert Gammon 
Funded by Royal Academy of Engineering

Enabling hybrid autonomous non-conventional system for cleaner indoor environment

Led by Abhishek Tiwary 
Funded by Royal Academy of Engineering

The Qatar Thermal Comfort Standard Maximizing comfort to  minimize overcooling and energy waste

Led by Sanober Khattak 
Funded by QNRF

Indoor/outdoor Bioaerosols Interface and Relationships Network - BioAirNet

Led by Mark Lemon
Funded by NERC

Sustainability, inclusiveness and governance of mini-grids in Africa (SIGMA)

Led by Subhes Bhattacharyya
Funded by ESRC-GCRF

  1. Past projects

    • All Change: Equitably Decarbonising India's Transportation Sector. Investigator: Subhes Bhattacharyya. Funded by British Academy
    • Domestic Demand-side Response Funded by Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
    • Digital Innovations for Transitioning to a Circular Plastic Economy (DITCh Plastic). Investigator: Muyiwa Oyinlola. Funded by EPSRC-GCRF.
    • Circular Plastic: Utilising frontier technology and user centred design to add value to plastic waste, facilitating entrepreneurship and employment. Investigator: Muyiwa Oyinlola. Funded by EPSRC-GCRF.
    • SMARTSPACES: "Saving Energy in Europe's Public Buildings Using ICT" (GA 297273). EU and ICT PSP co-funded project (EC-ICT IEE/13/719/SI2). Dates: October 2013 – December 2014. Co-investigators: Graeme Stuart, Leticia Ozawa-Meida.
    • EDI-Net: "The Energy Data Innovation Network; using smart meter data, campaigns and networking to increase the capacity of public authorities to implement sustainable energy policy" (GA 695916). H2020 EU funded project (EC H2020-EE). Dates: March 2016 – July 2019. Co-investigators: Graeme Stuart, Leticia Ozawa-Meida, Andrew Mitchell.
    • POWER: "Political and social awareness on water environmental challenges" (GA 687809). H2020 EU funded project (EU H2020-ICT) Dates: December 2015 – November 2019. Co-investigators: Leticia Ozawa-Meida, Anna Strzelecka.
    • Newton Fund Institutional Links Mexico "Measuring energy poverty and its health impacts on selected indigenous communities in the State of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, while developing public policy to promote renewable energy" (GA 628709373). Funded by British Council. Dates: February 2021-2022. Investigators: Leticia Ozawa-Meida, Neil Brown.
    • Assessing the informal waste sector contribution to Nepal’s circularity transition. Investigators: Muyiwa Oyinlola. Funded by Royal academy of engineering
    • Wealth from Waste: Value added products for Chennai Waste Pickers. Investigators: Muyiwa Oyinlola. Funded by Royal academy of engineering.
    • Blackout-Chasing: Tapping Peri-Urban Energy Perspectives, Preferences and Prospects, Investigator: Muyiwa Oyinlola. Funded by Royal academy of engineering .
    • Developing local capacity for building affordable self-sufficient homes. Investigator: Muyiwa Oyinlola. Funded by Royal academy of engineering.
    • Rapid Smart Grid Impact with Purdue University and UUNESP, Brazil Investigators: Subhes Bhattacharyya. Funded by Global Innovation Initiative Project
    • SDG-CapaCities: "Integrating the sustainable development goals into climate planning in British and Japanese cities". Funded by ESRC. Dates: January 2019 – December 2020. Co-investigator: Leticia Ozawa-Meida.
    • STEEEP
    • AMEN
    • Solar House
    • EC Glazing Study @ DMU
    • Global Innovation Initiative
    • Leicester Schools
    • eTeacher
    • My Electric Avenue
    • GoodDeeds
    • COHE
    • SAVES
    • Energy access and energy poverty
    • Solar Taxi Project in the Gambia
    • OASYS South Asia Project
    • ESCOBox Project