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Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development projects

IESD research themes and sub-themes are indicated below

Low-carbon energy systems and infrastructure

Led by Professor Rick Greenough and it focuses on the following areas:

  • Smart grid and demand response
  • Low-impact Building and industrial energy efficiency
  • Low carbon transport
  • Renewable energy integration

Funded research projects in this area include:

BEIS Domestic Demand-side Response 2 project

Past projects include:

  • AMEN
  • Solar House
  • EC Glazing Study @ DMU
  • Global Innovation Initiative
  • Leicester Schools

Sustainable Communities and Sustainable Living

Led by Professor Mark Lemon and focuses on:

  • Smart cities and smart villages
  • Resource use behaviour
  • Socio-technical and environmental resilience and governance
  • Sustainability education

Funded projects in this area include eTeacher. 

Past projects include:

Solutions for the base of the pyramid population

Led by Professor Subhes Bhattacharyya and this theme focuses on the following areas:

  • Energy access and energy poverty
  •  Mobility solutions

Ongoing projects include the Solar Taxi Project in the Gambia

Completed projects under this theme include:

  • OASYS South Asia Project
  • ESCOBox Project
  • Global Innovation Initiative Project (Rapid Smart Grid Impact with Purdue University and UUNESP, Brazil)