Cinema and Television History Research Institute publications

Here is a sample of the many books published by CATHI members:

Chibnall, S. and McFarlane, B. (2009) The British ‘B’ Film. London: British Film Institute.

Hanson, S. (2007) From silent screen to multi-screen: A history of cinema-going in Britain since 1896. Manchester: Manchester University Press.

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Jones, M. (2017) Science Fiction Cinema and 1950s Britain: Recontextualising Cultural Anxiety. London and New York: Bloomsbury.

Kramer, P. (2005) The New Hollywood: From Bonnie and Clyde to Star Wars. London: Wallflower.

Monk, C. (2011) Heritage Film Audiences: Period Films and Contemporary Audiences in the UK. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Porter, L. and Dixon, B. (eds) (2007). Picture Perfect: Landscape, Place and Travel in British Cinema Before 1930. Exeter: Exeter University Press.

Russell, J. and Whalley, J. (2017) Hollywood and the Baby Boom: A Social History. New York: Bloomsbury.

Smith, J. (2010) Withnail and Us: Cult Films and Film Cults in British Cinema. London: I. B. Tauris.