Careers in Criminology and Policing

Are you fascinated by crime but not sure which course is right for you? Ever wondered where a degree in Criminology or Policing can take you, take a look at the careers our courses can lead too.   From volunteering as a Special Police Constable alongside your studies to understanding explanations for crime and social reactions to crime; now couldn’t be a more exciting time to study one of our criminology and policing degrees.


Studying Criminology, you could go on to become a...


Fascinated by crime but don’t want to become a police officer then this could be the career for you. Explore three key questions; what is a crime, why does crime happen, and how can we prevent it. There are a variety of career paths available to you including policing, private security, crime prevention, victim support, prison and probation service, youth justice, drug and alcohol services and even education.  Find out more.

Studying Criminal Investigation and Policing, you could go on to become a...

Criminal investigator or Intelligence officer

This is the ideal choice if you’re interested in studying policing or criminal investigation but do not necessarily wish to pursue a career in the police service. Learn how to research the crime and justice sector and gain an understanding of the criminal justice system. This provides opportunities for you to pursue a career as an investigator or intelligence officer in other law enforcement agencies. Previous graduates have secured roles at local authority Trading Standards, the Leicestershire Police investigations teams and the Independent Police Complaints Authority.  Find out more.

Studying Policing, you could go on to become a...

Police officer

Ever wondered what’s actually involved? You could be in a patrol car, outside on the beat, at the station or attending court - no day is the same that’s for sure! It can be physically demanding and at times potentially dangerous – that said it can also be an extremely rewarding role, working with communities and keeping the public safe.  Find out more.