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Black History Month 2022

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De Montfort University (DMU) is proud to be hosting a series of events in honour of Black History Month. The events will look at some of the issues facing the Black community today and celebrate the contributions that African, Caribbean and Asian people have made to society.

Sherilyn Pereira, co-chair of the Race Equality Network said: “It’s Black History Month, a reminder that without Black History there would be no history. That said, DMU Black History Month 2022 promises to be a stimulating, real-life documentation of the accomplishments of Black and Asian people and the ways that their rich cultures and histories permeate every aspect of British society."

There will be a display of books on the ground floor of the Kimberlin Library celebrating Black History Month throughout October. The featured books are from a list of recommended reading from the Stephen Lawrence Research Centre. All books in the display will be available to be borrowed by DMU students and staff.


We’re excited to be celebrating the month of events with everyone across the entire university and city of Leicester. We’ve designed our activities so that everyone - staff, students and our communities - can find something enriching and inspiring to encourage understanding and help to overcome everyday racism. Let’s enjoy the learning and celebrate the month together, but not forgetting the work we still need to do the entire year to eradicate social injustice and uplift those who are often excluded.

Sherilyn Pereira, co-chair of the Race Equality Network

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Alumni Stories - Millicent Grant

DMU alumna, Millicent Grant (KC), tells us what she's been doing since graduating DMU as well as how she's supported Black History Month over the years.


45 Black and Asian films

For Black and South Asian History Month, we have collated a list of films and TV series that feature some of the best stories, actors and directors from the diasporas. Keep a look out for themes of social justice and identity, as well as intersectional topics of race, gender and sexuality. A special emphasis has been put on Black British films and actors, as we display the best of what the UK has to offer.

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Book recommendations

Join us this October for a celebration and exploration of fiction, non-fiction and poetry by writers and journalists of African, Caribbean and South Asian heritage.

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Ten Black and South Asian Leicester restaurants

One of the best ways to experience another culture is through food! As such, we have created a list of the top ten local restaurants and takeaways from Black and South Asian descent, all suggested from personal recommendations. With a mouth-watering list of options – from Caribbean, Indian ‘create your own’ and Asian fusion cuisine - we encourage you to eat your way around Leicester throughout the month of October!

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