Information for new DMU applicants and current students: Placement Terms and Conditions

All Business and Law students have the opportunity to take a paid placement year in industry, before their final year.

Placements are full time jobs and are available in a wide variety of sectors include private, public and not-for profit. Over 90% of employers will pay between £12,000 and £26,000. The average for placements is around £14,000 outside of London. 

Why you should do a placement

  • Gain invaluable work experience where you will develop key transferable skills such as time management, problem solving and analytical skills which will enhance your CV
  • Discover a profession which matches your passion and gain a better understanding into which career path you would like to pursue
  • Make new contacts whilst on placement and learn how to network, which will increase your chances of securing a graduate job. If you perform well, your placement employers may consider employing you after graduating
  • Students who take a placement year are more likely to achieve higher grades in their final academic year, due to their ability to apply practical knowledge to academic theory
  • Completing a placement year will increase your chances of starting on a higher graduate salary due to your experience
  • Gain experience in job searching, attending interviews and practising aptitude tests, all of which are vital in a recruitment process 
  • Learn about how organisations operate, how to work alongside colleagues and about organisational culture 

Support – Placement Team

There is plenty of support available throughout the placement year, beginning from searching for a role, during and after you complete your placement.

  • Book 1-2-1 appointments – Our advisors know which type of candidates employers are looking for, so book a 1-2-1 appointment and use the time to ask the advisor any questions you may have about placements, your CV, interviews and more.
  • Search for jobs on My Gateway   We advertise over 1000 vacancies every academic year on the student portal, so there are plenty of opportunities for all students to secure a placement.
  • Mock interviews   Interviews are a vital aspect of the selection process for placements. Our team will stage mock interviews with you, so you can go into an interview confident and fully prepared. 
  • Practice aptitude tests – Employers are likely to ask candidates to complete a series of tests to make sure they are selecting the right candidate. We can provide you with examples of these tests, so you can prepare in advance.
  • Presentations/Workshops – We will keep you informed by email and social media about the presentations and workshops we host, which are designed to give you the advice on how to secure a placement. You will also have the opportunity to talk to and get advice from students who have returned to university after completing their placement year. 
  • During and after placement support – You will be assigned a placement tutor who will support you with your personal and academic development during your time in industry. You can seek guidance from the Placement Team or your tutor if you have any problems during your placement. Upon completing your placement, you have the opportunity to become a mentor to second year students who are seeking a placement.  

Case studies

George Hedley
Marketing Management BA (Hons)

Marketing Communications Assistant - Volkswagen Group UK


The Placement Team helped me with everything from getting my CV to a professional standard to staging mock interviews with me, so I felt thoroughly prepared for my interview with VW.

My placement year is allowing me to apply what I’ve learnt in lectures to a real working environment. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my placement is working alongside a variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures.

I would highly recommend undertaking a placement. The skills I am developing and experience I am gaining during my time in industry is making me well-rounded candidate for employers.


Matthew Cooper
Business and Management
European Retail Sales, Consumer Products – Nickelodeon, Viacom

The placement unit is always available to give advice and that the university has an excellent support structure in place for students. Alongside this, they offer extra help in preparing for interviews, generating CVs and networking. I would advise every student 

My role at Nickelodeon involves a variety of tasks which includes helping to deliver promotions to retailers, doing in depth analysis of new and existing markets, retailers and looking at the brand’s market presence. As I work across Europe I have found my role can be quite diverse which can be quite challenging. One of my most memorable experiences so far has been working at an exhibition, Brand Licensing Europe. During this exhibition I helped to run the front of the stand and was able to meet people from all over the world both from Viacom and other companies. I had a great time during that week as it really showed me all sides of the licensing industry and just how amazing it can take advantage of the placement unit as they can be a massive help.

Matthew Cooper

The biggest benefit of a placement is being able to leave university and instantly be able to say to graduate employers that you have experience as this really puts you ahead in the application process. Doing a placement really helps to get you ready for the world of work after university and helps to develop your skills. Another benefit is that it can give you insight into whether you want to work in a particular role.

I think that doing a placement will help anyone greatly when finding jobs after university and develop their own skill sets. As the jobs market gets more competitive, having a year of industry experience is an excellent thing to have on your CV and can really make you stand out in an interview.


Rajveet Kaur Kang
Economics and Finance
Logistics Student in Supply Chain department - BMW Mini 

The Supply-Chain department is constantly busy, and there was never a dull moment during my placement. I was given real responsibilities to deal with key issues and the scope to develop and implement new strategies. To simplify my key responsibilities involved; ensuring that the commodities required to build the MINI’s meet requirements, liaising with suppliers and customers, and supporting transport coordination. My most memorable aspect was given the independence to develop a key new process that has now been implemented into the daily routine.


A placement enables you to practise the application process and gain valuable experience in the workplace.

I was employed to do something I thoroughly enjoyed, applying aspects of my course to my role, and earn a nice wage at the same time.

It has prepared me to enter any professional organisation and integrate within a team with ease.

I've developed skills that I can transfer. I would definitely recommend undertaking a placement; it was the most amazing opportunity of my life thus far. The experience and people you interact with is something that you will take with you in the future.


Anna Ghataure
Legal Intern EMEA – GE Healthcare

There are many benefits to undertaking a placement year, with the most important being increasing the chances of gaining a training contract. I gained the opportunity to work alongside international law firms such as Pinsent Masons, DLA Piper and the magic circle firm Clifford Chance allowing me the chance to showcase my skills and network with the companies.


The placement experience has development my professionalism skills drastically, as well as my planning and organizational skills so much so I was praised several times at GE Healthcare. I feel after this experience I will be able to make the transition from university to working life with ease and will settle into the working life environment comfortably.

If given the opportunity, I would say take it with both hands! The rewards and benefits speak boldly for themselves as well this; it is an opportunity in which you will never forget. On my placement year I won my first case and I will always remember that. 



Going on a placement year can bring great rewards but it does require students to be very proactive when applying for placements and to understand the competitive stages involved. Please read the Placement terms and conditions at the top of this page to make sure a placement year is the right opportunity for you.