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Varsity 2020 fixtures

DMU students and staff are encouraged to support our DMUsport teams during Varsity. Here is the full list of fixtures happening from Thursday 19 March to Wednesday 25 March.

Fixture Time Venue Result Series Score
Thursday 19 March 
Rugby Union Women's 1st 6pm Welford Road    
Rugby Union Men's 1st 8pm Welford Road     
Friday 20 March
Futsal Men's 3rd 3.45-5pm QEII Leisure Centre    
Futsal Men's 2nd 5.15-6.30pm QEII Leisure Centre    
Mixed Hockey  6-7.30pm Roger Bettles Sports Centre    
Dodgeball Mixed 2nd 6.30-7.30pm Danielle Brown Sports Centre    
Futsal Women's 1st  6.45-8pm QEII Leisure Centre     
Dodgeball Mixed 1st  8-9.30pm Danielle Brown Sports Centre    
Futsal Men's 1st  8.15-9.30pm QEII Leisure Centre    
Saturday 21 March 
Ultimate Frisbee Mixed 1st  9.50-11.50am QEII Leisure Centre    
Ultimate Frisbee Mixed 2nd 9.50-11.50am QEII Leisure Centre    
Lacrosse Women's 1st 12-2pm Stoughton Road Grass Pitch    
Volleyball Women's 2nd 1-3.30pm QEII Leisure Centre    
American Football Mixed 1-6pm Stoughton Road Grass Pitch    
Lacrosse Men's 1st  2.30-4.30pm Stoughton Road Grass Pitch    
Squash Men's 2nd 3-4.30pm Leicester Squash Club     
Volleyball Men's 1st 4-6.30pm QEII Leisure Centre    
Squash Women's 1st  4.30-6pm Leicester Squash Club    
Squash Men's 1st  6-7.30pm Leicester Squash Club     
Volleyball Women's 1st  7-9.30 QEII Leisure Centre    
Sunday 22 March 
Badminton Men's 1st 9.30-11am QEII Leisure Centre    
Tennis Women's 1st 10am-4pm Knighton Tennis Centre    
Tennis Men's 1st 10am-4pm Knighton Tennis Centre     
Badminton Women's 1st 11.30am-1pm QEII Leisure Centre    
Swimming Mixed 12-5pm QEII Leisure Centre    
Hockey Men's 1st  12-1.30pm Roger Bettles Sports Centre    
Basketball Men's 3rd 2-3.30pm QEII Leisure Centre    
Hockey Women's 1st  2.30-4pm Roger Bettles Sports Centre     
Basketball Men's 2nd  4-5.30pm QEII Leisure Centre     
Basketball Women's 1st 6-7.30pm QEII Leisure Centre     
Basketball Men's 1st 8.30-10pm QEII Leisure Centre    
Monday 23 March 
Football Women's 1st 7-9pm Beaumont Park 3G Pitch    
Football Men's 1st  7-9pm Beaumont Park Grass Pitch    
Table Tennis Men's 1st 5.30-7.30pm The Watershed    
Table Tennis Men's 2nd 5.30-7.30pm The Watershed    
Table Tennis Women's 1st 8-10pm The Watershed    
Tuesday 24 March
Jiu Jitsu Mixed  5.30-7.30pm Danielle Brown Sports Centre    
Archery Mixed 5.30-9.30pm The Watershed    
Fencing Men's 1st  5.30-9.30pm Charles Wilson Sports Hall    
Fencing Women's 1st 5.30-9.30pm Charles Wilson Sports Hall    
Taekwondo Mixed  8-10pm Danielle Brown Sports Centre    
Wednesday 25 March
Equestrian Mixed 1st 10am-2pm Long Lane Equestrian    
Equestrian Mixed 2nd 10am-2pm Long Lane Equestrian    
Golf Mixed  10am-3pm The Leicestershire Golf Club    
Ski and Snowboard Mixed 12-4pm  Stoke Ski Centre    
Cricket (Indoor) Men's 2nd 12.30-1.30pm City Cricket Academy     
Climbing Mixed  1-5pm Social Climbing    
Running 1.30-2.30pm Stoughton Road    
Football Men's 3rd 1.30-4pm Stoughton Road Grass Pitch    
Football Men's 4th 1.30-4pm Stoughton Road Grass Pitch    
Cricket (Indoor) Men's 1st  2-3pm City Cricket Academy    
Netball Women's 4th 2-3.30pm QEII Leisure Centre    
Rugby Union Men's 2nd  2-4pm Stoughton Road Grass Pitch    
Football Men's 2nd 2-4pm  Stoughton Road Grass Pitch    
Football Women's 2nd  2-4pm Stoughton Road Grass Pitch     
Netball Women's 3rd 4-5.30pm QEII Leisure Centre     
Netball Women's 2nd 6-7.30pm  QEII Leisure Centre    
Netball Women's 1st 8-9.30pm QEII Leisure Centre