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Examinations Office

The Examinations Office is responsible for the organisation of De Montfort University's official written examinations in Leicester and at partner colleges.

This includes:

  • Scheduling examinations
  • Invigilation arrangements
  • The provision of individual arrangements for students requiring extra support

Wherever possible, the university will avoid scheduling, and will request that Faculties do not propose exams on key faith-related celebratory days.

Our aim is to provide an efficient and equitable examinations service to all our students in accordance with the university regulations.

You can a contact the exams team by calling +44 (0)116 250 6379.

Advice about sitting exams

We have produced some useful guidance about sitting exams in this leaflet. You can read the full regulations here.

Individual exam arrangements

Individual arrangements may be granted to students who, because of a disability or other documented condition, cannot sit their formal university exams under the standard arrangements.

They are designed to ensure, wherever possible, a level playing field for all of our students.  

Who is entitled to apply?

There are two main categories of students who are entitled to individual arrangements:

  • Those with a medically diagnosed disability or condition
  • Those with an illness that may last for all or most of your time at the university

Students who have short-term conditions will not normally be granted special arrangements. They will be given the opportunity to apply to defer their exams until they have recovered. Please see the link at the bottom of this page under university regulations.

What arrangements are available?

The arrangements you have will depend on your needs, but may include one or a combination of the following:

  • Extra time
  • Examination papers printed in Braille, enlarged fonts or on different coloured paper
  • Use of a computer
  • Rest breaks
  • Access to food or medication
  • A writer and/or reader
  • Use of specialised equipment or furniture

Students on STANDARD UNDERGRADUATE programmes

31 March for main exam period

23 July for resit period


at least six weeks before the date of the exam(s)


Please bear in mind that these deadlines are for completion of the process. You will need to factor in making an appointment with staff in Disability Advice and Support and that they may require you to provide further evidence etc. Our advice is that you apply as soon as possible and not leave it until near the deadline

When, where and how will I sit my exams?

Your exams will normally be on the same days as other students and will start at the same times. Any extra time will be added on at the end.

You will be given rooming information on the confirmation form.

You are subject to the same exam regulations as all our students.

When you get to the room the invigilators will show you exactly where to sit. They will answer any questions that you may have.

Unless you have a medical condition that may require intervention during the exam they will not know anything about you apart from the support that you require.

There will be other students using the room, all with differing support in place.

The invigilators will tell you when you have 15 minutes remaining of the time allocated to you.


Information for students who HAVE NOT HAD support in formal exams at DMU previously

Staff in the Disability Advice and Support or the Mental Health team decide what support we can put in place for you based on medical evidence that is either taken from your records or provided by yourself. They will also decide whether this support will be in place for your whole time at the university or for a limited period.

If you have an appointment with any member of staff in the disability or mental health teams to talk about other issues, they will remind you of the need to apply for exam support.

Even if you do not need assistance from staff in the disability or mental health teams for any other aspect of your university life, you must still make an appointment with them to discuss your exam needs.

You will be given a form which confirms what support we will put in place for you. It also gives information about your exam rooms.

At the meeting you will also be asked to provide a list of the exams that you need support in 

Information for students who HAVE HAD support in formal exams at DMU previously

If you have had exam support at the university in previous years and this support has been designated as being necessary throughout your time at DMU, then the exams Office will email you to remind of what you need to do. 

Even if you do not receive this email then the deadlines still apply (see deadlines section) and you should ring the Exams Office (on the number provided above) for advice.

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