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DMU Street Law

What is Street Law?

Street Law is an extra-curricular activity in which students do presentations and mock trials to inform people about how the law affects them. Our Street Law project began in 2002, inspired by a visit of four DMU students and one lecturer to the original Street Law project at Georgetown University in Washington DC. In addition to presentations and mock trials, we also raise funds for charities and have social events.

How does Street Law provide ‘pro bono’ legal help for the community?  

Our goal is to inform people about the law, so that they can avoid legal problems and so that they are aware of when legal advice is needed. We have run presentations on issues such as legal issues raised by social media apps and whether someone can commit a criminal offence by help someone who is in a dangerous situation. By informing people about their legal rights and responsibilities, Street Law students make a positive difference in the local community.

How will participating in Street Law help me academically?

Street Law is based on a simple idea: a great way to learn something is to teach it to someone else. In Street Law, students learn by researching legal principles and thinking about the legal rights and responsibilities that they generate. Street Law students develop the skill of explaining complex legal ideas in clear and accessible language.  Street Law is about ‘learning by doing’. By taking part in mock trials and presentations, Street Law students grow in confidence and enhance skills that are valued by employers. Street Law is run by a student committee together with a law lecturer who provides supervision and support for Street Law activities. Participation in the committee gives students experience of leadership roles; it also provides opportunities to develop new initiatives such as new presentations and fundraising activities. When applying for postgraduate study and jobs after graduation, Street Law students can show how they have developed the skills of research, communication, problem-solving and team-work.

How will Street Law help me to with employability?

Employers prefer to recruit people who can work well with others, solve problems and communicate with confidence. Taking part in Street Law helps students to enhance your skills and demonstrate vital qualities such as commitment, enthusiasm and creativity in the face of challenges. Street Law helps members to develop qualities that they will need in your future professional lives, such as confidence, leadership and the ability to motivate others. The work and personal development of Street Law members make is recognised on your Higher Education Achievement Report when you graduate. 

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