Your DMU Welcome - International students

Welcome to De Montfort University! Information about living and studying in the UK is available here.

Information about your arrival at DMU:

  1. Covid-19: quarantine, testing and Safe Trace

    When planning your journey, please make sure that you are familiar with UK Government rules on travel to and arrival in England. If you need to quarantine on arrival, we recommend that you prepare by making sure that you read and understand the DMU Self-Isolation guidance before you travel.

    If you are required to quarantine, upon arrival at your accommodation please report that you are self-isolating. The DMU Safe Trace system is designed to minimise the transmission of Covid-19. Find out more about Safe Trace.

    Detailed guidance and updates about COVID-19 are available for DMU students and staff on campus at the Your DMU Safety microsite.

  2. Opening a bank account

    As a new international student, you'll probably want to open a bank account once you have registered at DMU. You may need to transfer money from your home country and this is much easier if you have a UK bank account. You will also find it more convenient when paying your tuition fees.

    Some of the main banks for international students now accept applications online and so you may not need to make an appointment at the bank to open your account.

    Please remember that you will usually need to have registered onto your course before you can open a UK bank account.

    You may find that it is quicker to initially open an internet-only banking app, such as Monzo or Revolut.

    Find out more about opening a UK bank account.

  3. Healthcare

    If you are in the UK on a Student Visa, you will be able to use the UK National Health Service (NHS) whilst you are in the UK.

    A GP (General Practitioner) is a community-based doctor. It is important to register with a GP as soon as you can, so that you can see a doctor more quickly and easily if you need to whilst you are at DMU. You can find a list of GP practices near to your accommodation.

    De Montfort Surgery is an NHS which provides medical care for students and some local residents. If you live within its catchment area you can now register online.

    Detailed information about healthcare in the UK is available from the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA).

  4. Your DMU course registration

    You should receive information by email from DMU about your course and how to register (please also check your junk or spam folder, in case any emails are delivered there).

    Most students who have entered the UK with a visa will probably need to obtain their Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) from the university. The Immigration Compliance team will be in contact with you by email to arrange for you to collect your BRP – probably this will be at a pre-arranged appointment.

    We are aware that you may have been told to collect your BRP within 10 days. However, please rest assured that you should not worry about this and that you will not have any problems if you receive your BRP after the 10-day period. Please note that if you are required to quarantine after arrival, you must not leave self-isolation early to try to collect your BRP or Student ID card.

  5. Register your visa with the police

    Students from certain countries may need to register their visas with the police on arrival. It will usually state on your entry vignette (visa sticker) if you need to register your visa.

    If you need to register your visa, please visit the Leicestershire Police registration page for information about how to do this.