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18 February: student consultation results and examinations

This update is for students studying a DMU programme that is being delivered at DMU.

Following the important update issued last week to all students detailing how our new safety-net policy will work, we’re now able to share the results and outcomes of the latest student consultation exercise. We can also now confirm how and when examinations will run this academic year. We remain very thankful for your ongoing engagement and patience. We’re determined to ensure fair and robust processes which mitigate the impact of the current Government restrictions as much as we can. Again, please read the whole update carefully.

Student consultation results

In the latest student consultation via MyDMU we asked all students the following:

  1. Would you like us to provide a week of additional learning time (which may be online) before the exam period to assist with learning support activities and give more time for personal revision?
  2. In order to achieve this, we would need to change the exam period from 3 May - 28 May, to 10 May - 4 June. This period would be broadly equivalent to the original dates, although it takes the exam period into the half-term week and you will receive your results a week later than originally planned. Would you like us to make this change?


In total, we had 682 responses, with all faculties taking part. 77 per cent of students responding answered yes to the first question above and 73 per cent agreed with changing the start of the exam period to facilitate the additional learning time. The majority of free text comments also reiterated the need for more preparation time and time to consult with lecturers as final assessments and exams were prepared for.

In response, we can confirm that the university will be extending the learning period into the week of 3 May to 8 May to allow for extra personal revision/learning time, as well as additional time to access practical and workshop spaces. We will be issuing more information soon on the extra learning support activities that will be made available prior to and during this week.

Once again, thank-you for participating in this exercise. Your voice remains critical to our decision-making as we collectively navigate these complicated times.

How and when Spring 2021 examinations will be run

As a result of the above, we can confirm that:

  • The examinations period will now run from 10 May to 5 June (maintaining the normal four-week period).
  • All exams (including resits) will be taken online within an access window of 8am-6pm UK time (to account for students who may be located across the globe).
  • The length of each exam will vary according to your individual module but once any one exam is started it must be completed within the access window of 8am-6pm (UK time). This means, for example, if you have a three-hour exam, you must start it no later than 3pm UK time on the set day of the exam so you have the full three hours to complete it. 

We have settled on this structure following student engagement and feedback and ongoing dialogue with De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU). Using this access window ensures that academic and technical guidance will be available throughout your exam while also safeguarding the fairness and robustness of your exam.  

Examination schedules will be published on MyDMU by the end of March/start of April. We will also issue you with full guidance on how to take your exam online, including what to expect from Blackboard.

Further support

We’re continuing to add new FAQs to answer your most pressing questions, including a new section on the ‘safety-net policy’ so please do check regularly.

And finally, like you we’re anticipating the outcome of the Government review of the latest lockdown next Monday (22 February). We’ll be issuing a communication as soon as we can after that announcement to let you know if we’re able to facilitate the safe return of more student groups to campus.

As always, please continue to stay safe, look after yourselves and your loved ones.

*The information provided in this email bulletin is for students studying a DMU programme that is being delivered at DMU. Students on programmes that are validated by DMU, but are delivered by academic partner institutions (such as DMUIC, Leicester College, etc.), should refer to their institution/college for confirmation of local arrangements.*