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Your student welcome


We're planning an engaging and interactive student welcome for you that will help you jump into life at DMU straight away. There'll be a dedicated welcome microsite where you'll be able to access information from areas across the university. This means that you'll be able to tailor your welcome experience to you and access the content that you're most interested in. There'll also be interactive live streams and Q&As, allowing you to drop in and get answers to any questions you might have.

Before you arrive at DMU we will email you with details of the online registration process and Your DMU pre-Induction (these are two separate processes). Please ensure both processes are completed pre-arrival at DMU. 

Your Online Registration

This is the start of your official registration as a DMU student (it is sometimes referred to as enrolment). You will be asked to confirm the information we hold on your record as well as giving us additional things to finalise your registration and get your DMU student life started, such as a photo for your ID card, an address to post your ID card to and a copy of official ID.

A username and password will be emailed to you in mid to late August (which are separate from your DMU pre-Induction username and password). 

Online registration should be completed as soon as possible after you receive the invitation email. Delays in completing online registration may result in delays in receiving your ID card, timetable and student funding (in applicable).

Depending on when you complete online registration you may receive a confirmation of registration request by email in mid-September. If you receive this email – please respond to this request as soon as possible. 

Having successfully completed online registration and the confirmation of registration request (if applicable) your faculty will finalise your registration remotely and you will become an officially registered DMU student. You are not required to attend campus to finalise your registration as our process is designed to be wholly online.
Having successfully completed online registration, you will be invited by email to attend a short video appointment from the w/c 14th September, for which you will be required to book an appointment in advance. Further details on how to book an appointment will be sent to students once they have completed their online registration.


Your DMU pre-Induction

Your DMU pre-Induction is designed to help new students prepare for university life and make the most of your time at DMU. Current students have assisted in developing the content to help you settle in as quickly as possible and get a head start. You will receive further information via email shortly before your course starts.

Your DMU pre-Induction contains important information and advice on the following, depending on your programme of study:

  • Your faculty and programme
  • Your teaching and learning environment
  • Academic and support services
  • Settling in at university and top tips for life as a DMU student

You might need to put a few hours aside to complete Your DMU pre-Induction fully, but don’t worry, you can log in and out of the site as often as you like.

If you have any queries, please contact

Faculties are currently finalising online welcome programmes and we'll include more information on these here as soon as we have it.

Student finance and tuition fees

DMU’s process of triggering the release of student funding is automated based on a student having a complete application with the Student Loans Company having correctly applied for funding to study at DMU and the student being formally registered with DMU. Therefore, for the vast majority of students this process is automatic. The earliest payment students will receive will be the 5 October 2020, in line with your Student Loans Company payment schedule.

If you have not informed the Student Loans Company that you will be studying at DMU you should contact our Student Finance and Welfare Team via 0116 257 7595 (option 3) or via in order that we can notify the Student Loans Company and we can start the process of triggering your student funding. Please provide details of your Customer Reference Number (CRN) or Student Support Number (SSN), both of which available on your Student Loans Company documentation.

International students are reminded they are required to pay 50% of their fees in order to finalise their registration, this payment can be made before and during the registration period. We recommend you make this payment before arriving in the UK/as soon as possible in order that all payments are cleared by your registration appointment. Delays in payment will result in delays in receiving a finalised registration.



two students looking at a computer in a classroom

The MyUniPal scheme aims to help you feel as welcome and supported as possible during your first year at DMU. You will be matched with an existing DMU student who will arrange to meet you (either virtually or face-to-face where safe to do so) regularly to help you with your transition to becoming a DMU student. You'll be able to chat with them about university life and they can answer any questions you might have. Find out more here.