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Your student experience


You’ll have lots of opportunities to engage with DMU student life, both on campus and in the vibrant city of Leicester.

Life in Leicester

"I love the fact that the uni is on historical ground in Leicester yet it has such a modern campus and atmosphere. I think universities like DMU are universities of the future!"
Rowan, Drama Studies

Our campus is less than 5 minutes’ walk from the centre of Leicester city, meaning there are lots of activities nearby for students to enjoy, including shopping, sport, music, theatre, film and comedy.

Leicester is a multicultural and welcoming city which has been ranked as the ninth best city in the UK in which to live and work, ahead of London, Birmingham, Nottingham and Derby (2017 Good Growth for Cities Index).


De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) is open to welcome all our students. DSU represents you, helps connect you with other students, supports you and provides opportunities to get actively involved in student life by:

  • Taking part in their no commitment taster sessions
  • Representing your course by becoming a Course Rep
  • Or simply come along to one of their events

Take a look at DSU’s website to find out more.


DMUsport delivers a wide range of opportunities to help you stay physically active and look after your mental health whilst studying at DMU.

We want everyone to feel they can get involved. You do not have to be a ‘sporty’ person, in fact thousands of students get involved every year, trying new activities, meeting new people, taking a break from studies and learning new sports.

Whether you’re a beginner, are looking for casual opportunities, would like a little competition or to join a club environment, or are interested in more serious sport including sport scholarships, you can find an appropriate opportunity at DMU.

DMU Global

DMU Global is bringing innovative online opportunities for every student to experience different cultures and ways of learning that will boost their job opportunities and help them develop a range of key skills. 

DMU Global Online Learning will cover everything from virtual internships in Fiji to discussing the Black Lives Matter movement with academics in Georgia, USA to helping the planet meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

To make DMU Global accessible to every student, you will be able to dedicate as little as a couple of hours to several weeks to new academic, employability and cultural experiences.

Find out more by visiting the DMU Global website.



"It was valuable experience and a privilege to give something back to the community. Without this opportunity, I would not have come to the decision about the job I would like to do."
Bhavni Tailor

"More than me giving something, the children gave me so much more than I could have imagined. Their eagerness to learn was inspiring as it reminded me of how fortunate I am."
Madona George

"It was the most fulfilling and worthwhile volunteering event that I’ve taken part in. I really enjoyed, seeing a smile on their faces and being to talk to others and meet new people. I know how lonely and isolated the elderly can feel ."
Marcelina Januszczak

University life is all about experiences. At DMU, we believe that one of the best things you can do as a student is try volunteering. Not only can it help you build a brilliant CV, you’ll make new friends, actively support causes you care about and make a difference.

All DMU’s volunteering is run by our DMU Local team, which works with organisations across the city from schools to environmental charities all looking for helping hands.

Mentoring for All

Mentoring can play a crucial role in enhancing your student experience and supporting your wellbeing while you are with us. As a DMU student, you have access to five different mentoring schemes that you can take advantage of depending on your needs:

  • MyUniPal supports our new students throughout their first academic year at DMU. MyUniPal volunteer mentors are existing DMU university students, who are keen to help new students at university. They will support, welcome and guide you through student life.

  • iBuddies matches newly arrived international students with an existing DMU student. The i-Buddies scheme runs for one term each academic year, but many buddies become friends and choose tostay in contact when the scheme comes to an end.

  • Dare to Be Mentoring matches students with DMU staff, alumni and honorands who act as mentors to help you excel at your studies. Dare to Be mentoring provides a platform for students to gain a different perspective of what opportunities are available, to help them achieve long term goals and life aspirations.

  • Employability mentoring helps you boost your employability by matching you with an industry mentor. Students meet with their mentor to discuss and learn about the opportunities, demands and cultures of the working world. It’s all about giving students an insight into potential career paths and helping them to fulfil their aspirations for employment.

  • Peer mentoring involves students working with other students to support your learning and improve your academic achievement. Many courses and programmes at DMU already have bespoke peer mentoring or buddying schemes and we encourage students to speak to your personal tutor or lecturer to find out about what opportunities are available.

You can find out more about how to get involved in mentoring here.

Got questions?

No matter your question or concern, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we’re with you every step of the way. You or your parent/guardian can contact us either by phone on +44 (0)116 2 50 60 70, email via, or on social media, such as InstagramTwitter or Facebook.