Unconditional Offers

In the past Unconditional Offers were reserved largely for those students who had already completed their qualifications before applying to university. However, over the past few years many universities are now making unconditional offers for exceptionally strong applicants who don’t have their results yet.

As an applicant receiving an Unconditional Offer is fundamentally a really positive outcome and one that you should be extremely proud of. Essentially it means that the university has studied your application in detail; has reviewed your previous academic performance, your predicted grades, your personal statement and your reference and feels that you are amongst their strongest candidates and one that they really want on their course.

Receiving an Unconditional Offer is extremely reassuring as you know that a university place is there for you should you wish to take it and it removes the variables and unknowns surrounding waiting for results and the did I make it in or did I miss out scenarios. It can sometimes cause confusion of its own though as for many applicants and their families it is an unexpected outcome.

To help you understand and make the most of your situation you may want to consider the points below.

  1. An unconditional offer is not dependent on exam results. Your exam results will still stay on your permanent record forever, and will be considered by your future employer, so it is still essential you work hard and get the best grades you can. The university has made you an Unconditional Offer because they are confident of your ability to achieve.

  2. You will no longer need an Insurance Choice as if you accept an Unconditional Offer you definitely have your place.

  3. Sometimes an offer can be Conditional initially and will only be made Unconditional once you accept it as your Firm Choice. This is not unusual and once you have accepted the course on Track it will then change to Unconditional (please be aware this sometimes takes a few days).

  4. If you have any questions at all regarding the above please do not hesitate to get in touch at 0116 250 6070 or enquiry@dmu.ac.uk. We are here to help and support. 
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