Plan for Clearing

We are accepting Clearing applications now for selected courses.

You can apply for a course through Clearing if:

  • You're not holding any university offers, or haven't yet applied to university
  • You have changed your mind about coming to university
  • You have conditional offers, but your exam results don’t go to plan or you're worried about the results you'll achieve

Be prepared

  • Ask for advice – call us now on (0116) 257 7000 for advice about next steps, and we can talk you through your options now ahead of results day
  • Research – it's important to discuss and research your options thoroughly ahead of results day so you can be fully prepared on the day.

On results day

If you find yourself in Clearing on results day, don’t panic. The process is simple, although you’ll need to be focused and act quickly.

  • Ring universities early on results day – popular courses may fill up quickly. Have to hand the course title, course code and details of your qualifications.
  • Make the telephone call yourself – universities are unable to speak with parents, guardians, or carers on your behalf unless they are your nominated person. Our friendly team of advisors will be on the phone to help you.
  • Be contactable – keep your mobile phone to hand and your house landline free as universities may need to call you back.
  • Reply by the deadline – when you're given a verbal offer, you'll normally need to reply within 24 hours.
  • Remain positive and focused – you want to ensure you find the right course for you at a university you're happy with. Thousands of students found their place at university through Clearing last year.
  • Be prepared to visit – some universities will still interview for courses in Clearing or may want to meet you before making you an offer, so be prepared to visit a university at short notice.

When you receive your grades, log on to UCAS Track, where you’ll find yourself in one of the following scenarios:

You’ve achieved your grades and your place is secured

If you’ve achieved the required grades to meet your firm or insurance choice then you’ve got a university place. Congratulations! Your offer will change from ‘conditional’ to ‘unconditional’ on UCAS Track. 

Over the next few days, look out for confirmation letters from both UCAS and your chosen universities; be mindful of any pending deadlines such as finalising your accommodation or opening a student bank account.

You’ve not met the conditions of your offer, but you’ve secured a place

If you’ve just missed the required points (or any other requirements specific to your offer) for your firm and/or insurance choice, check UCAS Track as you may still be holding an offer. The university may have reconsidered your application when they received your results and despite missing the required grades they may still want to offer you a place.

If this is the case, UCAS Track will show an offer being changed from conditional to unconditional and you should follow the steps outlined above.

Sometimes a university may offer you a different course; consider this carefully and if in doubt call them. UCAS Track will show you the deadline for accepting the alternative offer. 

You’ve not met the required conditions of your offer and you’ve not secured a place

Don’t worry if you don’t have the grades required for your firm or insurance choice. You can now apply for a course through Clearing, where you can find an alternative university and/or course. However, places will be limited so be prepared and act quickly.

You’ve achieved better grades than expected and are considering a different course or university

If you’ve done better than expected and exceeded all the conditions of your offer, you may be able to use Adjustment to find an alternative course.

Remember your new course of interest may not have places available this year, so contact the university before declining any existing offers.

You’ve achieved your grades but your UCAS Track is still showing as conditional

There could be a few reasons why this is. If you have taken qualifications other than A-levels or BTECs, we may not have received confirmation of your results and therefore you will need to send a copy to us. 

It is also useful to check the conditions of your offer which will be detailed on UCAS Track. It may be that there are other outstanding conditions you still need to meet. 

For further information about any of our courses, contact us on (0116) 257 7000.


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