Accommodation FAQs

The most frequently asked questions about university-sourced accommodation are below. If you have a question that is not listed please email the Accommodation Office.

Online booking system


Applying for halls




Hall facilities


Special requirements


Living in halls



Online booking system


I keep being diverted to a service busy page

This is due to the high volume of use. Please keep trying to log in.

The system keeps timing me out

Once you have picked your room you have three minutes to complete the transaction. Please try again and complete within the allotted time.

There are no rooms available in the residence I want to book

You will need to select a different residence. It is always advisable to have a shortlist of a few preferred residences in case your first choice is unavailable. Please note that availability changes regularly. 

I am an international student and the system will only allow me to book certain halls

New overseas students are allocated to eight halls that have the correct contract length.

If you are a returning overseas student or student from the EU you can book into the same halls as home students. 

  I have booked a room and paid the booking fee but I now want to change my mind

You may cancel your provisional booking at any time by contacting the Accommodation Office.

N.B. The £50 administration fee is non-refundable.

I would like to change the room I have booked 

You will not be able to change this online. In order to request a change to your existing booking you will need to email Requests are processed subject to availability. 

I don’t have the money available to pay the online fee

Unfortunately, if you are unable to make the booking payment, we cannot reserve a room for you. Please contact our Money and Welfare team who will be able to give you some advice and guidance on options you may wish to explore. 

Applying for halls

When can I apply for accommodation?

Once you have accepted an offer from DMU and made DMU your firm choice, we will email you and invite you to apply for accommodation, this usually starts in March

N.B.  It is important that you let your faculty know if you change your email address at any time as this will be how we contact you. 

My course starts in January/March, can I book a place in halls?

As long as you meet the eligibility criteria you can book a room in university-sourced halls of residences, subject to availability. As the dates of your contract are different from the standard ones we issue, you are not able to book online. Please email  DMU by the end of October so that we can advise you regarding the process and availability. 

…. More information

How do I make DMU my firm choice?

You are eligible to apply for accommodation if you hold a firm course offer.

If you have applied through UCAS, you will hopefully receive offers of study from the universities that you have applied for. If you receive either a conditional or unconditional offer from DMU you can use UCAS track to reply to the offer with either a firm acceptance or an insurance acceptance.

If you are an international student not applying through UCAS then you will need to contact the admissions department in order to accept your offer of a place on a course and make the tuition fee deposit payment before you are eligible to apply. 

How do I apply for accommodation?

In most cases application for accommodation is made online. When you are able to book a room we will email you to invite you to apply.

At each stage of the booking process you will be sent an email advising you of the next stage and what you need to do. 

…. More information

What if I’m on holiday or travelling when I need to book/confirm my room?

If you are unable to get access to the internet to complete your booking or check your emails during the application period you can nominate someone to act on your behalf. To do this please email us from the email address that we have on record for you providing the details of the person you are authorising to book your accommodation. This will then allow us to discuss your application with your nominated person if they should have any queries or experience any problems. Any emails that are sent out as part of the booking process will continue to be delivered to the email address that the university has on record for you.

Will I get my first choice of accommodation?

Our online booking system allows you to choose your preferred hall and a specific room within that hall, subject to availability. Rooms are booked on a first-come first-served basis, so we recommend that you book as early as possible to have the best chance of securing your first choice location.

Am I guaranteed a room?

We aim to be able to provide accommodation for any eligible student who requests it; however, we are unable to guarantee availability. To avoid disappointment please book your accommodation as early as possible. If you book late and there is no or limited availability please contact the Accommodation Office for advice. 

Is accommodation allocated to students according to their course?

Not usually, though there are certain courses where we do allocate students together in specific halls.

e.g. Art & Design Foundation students are accommodated in New Wharf Hall, as they begin earlier than students on other courses

....More information

... and we offer Nursing and Midwifery students Waterway Gardens, as they may be working shifts and require longer contracts.

….More information

Can I book a room next to my friend?

The only way to try and arrange a room next to, or in the same flat as, a friend is to make your online bookings at the same time, choosing rooms in the same flat or close to each other if available. 

What happens once I have chosen my room online?

After you have made your choice online you will be asked to make a booking fee payment of £250.

£200 of this will be used as an advance rent/damage deposit payment and £50 is a non-refundable administration fee.

Students with an unconditional course offer will need to confirm their halls place with their chosen provider within 30 days or before a specified date, we will email you with the details. This will involve completing tenancy documents. For Unite bookings you will receive tenancy documents prior to receiving an unconditional offer, once your offer becomes unconditional you will have a 14-day cooling off period.

Once you have confirmed your booking we will send you an email with login details to your hall e-induction. This is a compulsory online process which all students must complete before moving into their room. After completing the e-induction you will be asked to book an arrival slot for the intake weekend. 

....More Information

What if I do not get the grades that I was hoping for?

If you do not receive the results to meet your conditional firm offer, unless you also have an insurance offer with DMU, your booking will be cancelled immediately. If you have paid a booking fee, the £200 advance rent/damage deposit will be refunded to the same account that you used to make the payment within 5-14 working days.

I cannot make the booking fee payment online, what should I do?

You can contact the Finance Office to make the payment over the phone.

If you are paying by cheque, bank transfer or a method of payment that takes longer than 24-hours to clear then please inform us so that your booking is not cancelled after the 24-hour deadline.

How do I confirm my booking?

Once you have an unconditional firm offer you will be sent an email detailing how to confirm your booking.

If you have booked a place in a DMU managed hall you will need to log back into the booking system and complete step three. For private accommodation confirmation steps vary. You will generally need to complete tenancy document and will also normally be required to pay the first rent instalment. If you have already returned your tenancy documents when you receive your unconditional offer you will have a 14-day cooling-off period.

N.B. Once you have confirmed your booking you are contracted to the room and will be liable for the rent for the duration of the tenancy, the first rent payment may be due before you receive your student loan. 

…. More information

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is someone who agrees to confirm that a tenant has the ability to pay the rent and for any damages. They can be held responsible for any payments due that are not paid by the tenant.

Without a suitable guarantor some halls of residence will require you to pay all of your annual rent in advance. 

I have made more than one booking fee payment, can I receive a refund?

Yes, you will be refunded the entire duplicate payment, including the non-refundable administrative fee. Please email us with the details of all of the booking payments that you have made, we will need to know the date you made the payment, the method of payment and the receipt number. A refund will then be issued to the same account used to make the duplicate payment within 5-14 working days. 

What happens if DMU is my insurance choice or I come through clearing?

If you decide to accept your insurance offer or apply for a course through clearing then you will be able to book a room in halls online – subject to availability – once you have made your offer firm.

At this time in the application cycle there may be limited availability. Please contact the Accommodation Office if you cannot find a room online. 

How can I cancel my booking?

If your room booking is still provisional (or if your still have a conditional offer) you can cancel at any time by putting your request into writing. If you have paid the booking fee you will be entitled to a refund of £200, which will be returned to the same bank account that you used to make the original payment. If you have confirmed your booking (and have an unconditional firm offer) but no longer want your room then you will not be able to cancel the contract unless a suitable replacement can be found.

Exceptions to this are if you cancel your room within a cooling-off period outlined in your contract, if you are an international student who is no longer going to be studying at DMU due to visa problems or if you have booked a DMU managed hall and will no longer be attending DMU (these exceptions are all subject to terms and conditions outlined in documentation available throughout the booking period, for more information please contact the Accommodation Office). If you feel that your circumstances may entitle you to cancel your contract but the above conditions do not apply then please write to us detailing your situation and we will advise you. 

What happens if I do not want university sourced accommodation?

If you do not want to live in university-sourced accommodation then there are a lot of other options for students in Leicester. Although we do not deal directly with private-sector bookings, and cannot endorse any private providers, we can advise you regarding what options are available, where to look for private accommodation, and what to look for when choosing somewhere to live. If you wish to stop receiving emails regarding accommodation then please contact the Accommodation Office.

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DMU-sourced halls

How much does it cost?

Weekly prices range from £98 - £172, though the contract length will affect the overall contract fee. Please note that you will have to commit to paying for the whole contract length as an accommodation contract is legally binding. 

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What are the start-up costs likely to be?

Start-up costs will vary, but for essential items like bedding, cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils etc., £150 would be an average cost. 

When do I pay the rent?

The rent payment schedule varies depending upon which hall you book, so it is important for you to consider this before choosing your hall. For DMU managed halls contracts you will not be required to make the first rent instalment until after you enroll and have received your first loan payment. For the privately owned nominated halls this instalment is required before you move into your accommodation and therefore also before you receive your student loan. This first payment can be for up to 50% of your total annual rent.

The amount due and the instalment options available depend on which hall you select and the type of guarantor you have. In some cases you may be required to pay the full rental amount for the entire contracted period if you do not have a suitable guarantor. The first rent payment due is in addition to the booking payment.

The halls that I would like to choose want the first rent instalment before I get my exam results, do I have to pay it on that date?

The dates of the instalments listed on the website are when the payments are due once you are contracted to the room. However we do not ask you to confirm your booking by signing the contract or making non-refundable rent payments until you have an unconditional offer. Once you receive your exam results and your offer becomes unconditional you will be expected to pay the first instalment. In certain circumstances halls can be flexible with the initial instalment date, please contact your Hall of Residence directly to discuss. 

Hall facilities

…. For more information regarding the facilities in halls of residence please see the individual hall pages

Are halls mixed or single sex?

Most of our flats are single gender occupancy although the floor or block that you live in could quite likely be mixed gender. There are flats available that are mixed and it will be clear which type of flat you are booking when you book with the online system. In some rare cases we may need to make a flat single/mixed gender for operational reasons, but if this applies to your booking you will be notified by email. 

Is there any car parking available at the halls?

Parking is extremely limited. Some halls have a few parking spaces available, but we recommend that you don’t bring a car unless absolutely essential. Most facilities are within walking distance of the university and public transport in Leicester is very good. Halls with parking facilities allocate their spaces according to different criteria, some have disabled parking spaces available, others allocate on a first- come, first-served basis. In Waterway Gardens there are a very limited number of residents’ parking spaces available from the council. If you secure a parking space there will generally be an additional charge. 

How far are the halls from campus?

All the halls are on or very close to the campus and near the city centre so you are near to all facilities. They are also all within easy walking distance of each other so you don’t have to walk far to visit your friends. 

Are any meals provided in halls?

No. All accommodation is self-catering with a shared kitchen. However there are shops, cafés, pubs and campus catering nearby for those occasions when you are just too busy to cook, or fancy a treat. 

Is there a cleaner?

You are responsible for cleaning your own room and kitchen. In DMU halls bathrooms are cleaned. If you have en-suite accommodation you will be responsible for cleaning your own bathroom. 

Do I have to pay Council Tax?

No. All full-time students are exempt from Council Tax. The Academic Registry can provide you with an exemption certificate once you have enrolled at DMU.

Do I need a TV licence?

Students must be covered by a TV Licence if they:

  • watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV or live on an online TV service
  • download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer – live, catch up or on demand. 

This applies no matter what device they use, whether it’s a TV, desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, games console, digital box or Bluray/DVD/VHS recorder.

….More information

Do I need insurance?

All halls have contents insurance included, but you may need to pay a small premium for any specific items of value. Make sure you check what is included in your specific hall before you come to university. 

What will I need to bring?

Halls are fully furnished but in most residences you’ll need to bring your own cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery, bedding and towels. You may want to wait until after you arrive to purchase any items needed for the communal areas so that you don’t end up with everybody bringing the same items for your flat. 

Can I opt for a hall with internet access?

Yes, all halls have internet access. The type & speed varies depending on which hall you choose. You will be able to pay to upgrade your access. 

Will I have to share a room?

No – all our university-sourced rooms are single occupancy.

How many share a kitchen

Within each hall between two and ten students normally share a flat and kitchen facilities. The space and number of appliances in each flat varies depending on the number of people sharing. If you have booked a studio flat you will have your own kitchen facilities and no shared area within your flat. 

Will I get my own cupboard for groceries?

Halls have adequate shared kitchen, fridge and freezer storage space for all residents.

How many people share a bathroom?

In a standard flat in Bede Hall up to 10 people will share bathroom facilities. The number of toilets/ showers present in a flat will reflect the number of occupants. Generally if there are more than five occupants there will be a second set of facilities. Standard accommodation also has basins in each of the bedrooms.

If you book an en-suite room you will have your own bathroom. 

Are there showers or baths? All halls have showers.

What security is there in halls?

All halls have either staff on duty around the clock or a 24-hour on-call service. All halls have CCTV and access codes/door entry systems for additional safety and security. DMU’s university security are also available 24/7, they can be contacted at any time on 0116 257 7642. Put the number in your mobile so that you will always have it with you in case you need it. 

Where does my post go?

All halls have secure postal boxes, at Waterway Gardens mail is delivered direct to the house. Halls also have a parcel collection service. You will be informed of arrangements in each hall for collection of post. 

Special Requirements

Is there accommodation for disabled students?

A limited amount of accommodation is available for disabled students; we encourage all students who feel that they have disability that may affect them in their studies or their accommodation to declare their needs to the university. Students should initially make contact with the Disability Advice and Support team so that your needs can be identified early in the process. If necessary, the DAS team will then make a referral to the Accommodation Office informing us of your accommodation requirements. 

….More information

What if I require a specific type of accommodation on medical grounds?

If your disability means that you need a specific type of accommodation i.e. en-suite, on a specific level or within a particular distance from your main faculty building, then you can select your own room online. We are happy to discuss your choice with you to ensure that you choose a room that meets your requirements. If adaptations will be required to make your room suitable, such as wheelchair access or a hearing package, then please contact the DAS team to discuss your requirements. They will then make a referral to the Accommodation Office outlining your requirements.

….More information

If I am diabetic, can I have a fridge in my room?

If you are diabetic or have another medical condition that requires a fridge to store medication we will ensure that one is provided in your room. When you go online to book there will be an option asking if you require a fridge. You will then need to submit medical evidence to the DAS team who will approve your request. Please ensure that this is done as early as possible as we may need to order new equipment, late notice may result in the fridge not being available when you first move in. 

Is accommodation available for couples or families?

All university accommodation is designed for single occupancy. If you are a couple and are both students you can book your accommodation at the same time to ensure that your rooms will be near to each other. If you are in a couple or family looking for accommodation together in Leicester then we would recommend looking in the private-sector.

More information....

I am going to be leaving the care system or am estranged from my family, what should I do?

If you are a care leaver or are estranged from your family, then extra support may be available depending on your individual circumstances. Please speak to the Transitions Team as they may be able to provide you with useful information and support.

What does the university do to meet religious, cultural, dietary requirements?

The university operates a policy of non-discrimination. Whilst flats are specifically designated male or female, socialising is common and some students’ diets may include meat or alcohol.

Living in halls

What happens when you move in?

The halls operate an intake weekend, usually over the last weekend in September. In 2018 the dates are Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September. Contracts start from either the Friday or the Saturday, but even if your contract starts on the Saturday, you can still move in on the Friday. Remember to book your arrival slot through our e-induction information. Once you arrive you are checked in and given your keys, provided that you have signed the contract and made all the necessary advance payments. Enrolment & Freshers week then starts on the Monday afterwards (Monday 24 September) and your course teaching starts the week after that (Monday 1 October).

Do I need to move out during vacations?

No. You can stay in halls during the Christmas and Easter vacations as the contract includes these holiday periods. All contracts end in June or July so you will have to move out by the end date of your contract unless you have arranged additional weeks at extra cost with your Hall Manager or the Accommodation Office.

Can I smoke in my room?

No. Smoking is strictly forbidden inside all our residences, however, you may smoke outside the building in any specially designated smoking area.

Can I keep pets in my accommodation?

No. All of our halls (and indeed most private landlords) will say no to any pets - even goldfish!

Can I have friends to stay in my room?

As a rule we say no. Friends can visit your room but not sleep over. If you think you may have regular friends or family who might need to stay overnight, private-rented accommodation might be a better option for you or you may have to consider booking them into a local hotel or B&B. Individual halls may allow an occasional overnight guest provided that they are made aware of it and your flat-mates agree. Please discuss any plans for friends to stay overnight with your hall manager prior to them arriving. 

What if I no longer want to live in halls?

Your accommodation contract, whether with a university-managed or private hall, is a legally binding document. Once the accommodation contract is signed you will have to pay all the rent for the duration of the contract. Please ensure you have read and understood all the terms and conditions of the contract before you sign. If you are unhappy in your accommodation please speak to your Hall Manager for help with any problems that you are experiencing. If you want to leave your accommodation then you will need to find someone willing to take your place and pay the rent for the remainder of the contract, otherwise you will be liable for the full rent.

The Accommodation Office and your hall will try to assist you with finding a replacement for your contract so please make both parties aware that you no longer want your place in halls.

In exceptional circumstances you may be released from your contract but you would need to provide detailed information and evidence supporting your request to be released. 

I have withdrawn from my course and want to cancel my contract?

If you withdraw from your course and are staying in one of the DMU-managed halls then we will terminate your contract. However, there is an early termination charge which is equivalent to two months’ rent.

If you are in private halls you will remain liable for the rent payments until the end of the tenancy period unless a replacement is found. In exceptional circumstances you may be released from your contract but you would need to provide detailed information and evidence supporting your request to be released. 

Can I move to a different room?

If you are having problems in your flat or with your flat mates we would ask you to meet with your Hall Manager who can listen to your problems and advise you about possible solutions, which may involve a room move if necessary. If you want to move to a different hall or type of room then please contact the accommodation office and we will advise you of your options. We do not arrange for room swaps to take place for four weeks after the contract begins. After this period we will look at any requests that we have received and try to arrange for room swaps that would benefit all students involved. 

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