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Computing, Engineering and Media Doctoral programmes

Computing, Engineering and Media Doctoral Programmes support the professional development of all postgraduate research students, regardless of discipline or subject area. The DTP programmes have been formed in collaboration across two or more faculties across the University, allowing the programme to have an interdisciplinary approach. The skills you acquire will help with your research, and enhance your life skills and employability.

The Programme complements disciplinary-specific training provided by academic departments and covers topics such as:

  • Research Management: including time and project management, data and information management, and managing the supervisory relationship.
  • Research Skills: with sessions for PhD researchers on effective data analysis and conducting focus groups.
  • Personal Effectiveness: workshops on stress management, interview technique, and developing writing & communication skills.
  • IT Training: courses run with the ITS promote generic skills (e.g. in Word, Excel and Powerpoint), but also more specialised data handling skills (e.g. in Nvivo, LaTeX, SPSS, MATLAB).

Other opportunities are also available to take part in the following training components, which are run by the Graduate School Office:

  • Media training
  • Winning grant funding
  • Advanced presenting your research to an audience
  • Building an in-depth career profile.

Teaching opportunities

A key part of the DTP proposal will be to develop interdisciplinary skills, and students will be encouraged to teach in more than one faculty. Opportunities will be offered to teach on related undergraduate and postgraduate courses across the faculties.

DTP students will also be encouraged to co-supervise MSc projects in their area of research, an opportunity that already exists for our PhD students. The projects often foster collaboration and engagement with organisations within your research area, which increases the employability of our graduate students and their postgraduate project advisors.

Employability benefits

The DTP will offer internship opportunities as part of the programme of study together with an employment service that helps students to find their next career opportunity. This service will include employment talks from industry leaders and postdoctoral research advice. 

Further details about each programme can be found by following the links.


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