Media Production Module Details

First yearSecond yearThird year

First year

Image Capture and Processing 
Introduces you to the basics of image capture using stills and video production technologies. You will learn filmmaking and photographic techniques, from recording initial assets to editing, digitisation, compression and storage.

Audio Capture and Processing
Introduces you to the essentials of sound recording, processing and outputting: in audio production, microphone types and selection for specific tasks, to studio and location-based recording, and compositing in multi-track environments within Adobe Audition. You will also get experience in radio production, by gathering real-world content using location equipment and radio studio facilities, and delivering material using our industry-standard radio playout system.

Social Media Innovation
Explores the role of social media technology in contemporary media industries. You will develop your skills in mediatic storytelling and study examples of promotion and campaigning with social media.

Multimedia 1 
Introduces you to multimedia concepts and web authoring techniques, including accessible and usable design. You will learn how to produce meaningful experiences for mobile devices incorporating dynamic content.

Second year

Core Modules

Television Production 
Gives you an overview of TV production systems, processes and standards. You will learn in our on-site television studios, gaining practical hands-on experience in television production.

Video and Imaging Techniques 
Explores what it takes to produce still and moving digital images from initial captures through to editing, display and distribution.

Optional Modules

Multimedia 2
Expands your web development and media presentation skills from the mobile to the desktop. It features a renewed focus on interface design, paying particular attention to the varied needs of those wishing to access and interact with our media. You will develop your repertoire regarding online interface animation and vector graphics and will be able to create self-contained, compelling and engaging online experiences. 

Audio Recording and Production
Gives you the opportunity to develop your recording skills in our multichannel audio recording studio and create a range of ‘live’ recording scenarios.

Social Media Innovation
Explores the role of social media technology in contemporary media industries. You will develop your skills in mediatic storytelling and study examples of promotion and campaigning with social media.

Radio Studio Production 
Gives you the opportunity to develop audio recordings for radio, while learning about the principles, techniques and practices of radio production.  You will use our broadcast-standard radio production studios and get involved with Demon FM, our community radio station.

Third year

Core Modules

Technology Project 
Involves negotiating your own production brief and research agenda. You will experiment with new techniques or produce work to a professional standard for collaborative clients. 

Optional Modules

Post-production for Video and Film 
Examines techniques and issues associated with modern post-production, including digital compositing; computer-generated imagery; special effects; motion graphics and titles; and sound. You will use programmes such as Da Vinci Resolve to enhance the look and finish of film and video footage and learn to emulate film stocks using Look Up Tables to develop a unique aesthetic style of your own.

Creative Image Production 
Will introduce you to applied imaging technologies, such as time lapse, high speed photography, and High Dynamic Range imaging. Case studies of famous photographers and their work will inform your understanding of the relevance of historical techniques through to contemporary digital imaging.

Television Documentary Production 
Gives you an understanding of the skills and techniques used in single-camera television production to create broadcast-ready programmes.

Social Media Practice 
Develops your digital production skills. You will design and create products for use in a range of social media contexts including the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and community fundraising.

Multimedia 3
Explores advanced techniques in online media presentation and web development. You will engage with the wider world through application programming interfaces and third-party resources to produce thoughtfully engaging experiences and narratives for the web and mobile. 

Radio Location Production 
Develops your theoretical and practical understanding of radio location production, in particular the management of resources, use and deployment of location technologies, and regulatory and legal framework related to the broadcast industry. 

Creative Media Entrepreneurship 
Gives you the opportunity to develop your business and management skills as a producer of media content for the broadcast and online media industries.