Animation BA Module Details

Year one | Year two | Year three

Year one

2D Animation 1 (Credit Value: 45.00)
instils the fundamental animation principles of timing and character physics through short projects that give you the opportunity to create and reflect on your own work. The module introduces performance and acting with lecturer support in practicing 2D digital animation. You will develop your understanding of the tools and techniques needed to create 2D animation and attend audio production workshops on soundtrack and dialogue.

Critical Studies 1 (Credit Value: 30.00)
focuses on developing a direct relationship between film theory and its impact on the storyboard and animatic – core production stages in animation production. You will examine storytelling devices, narrative structures, audio soundscapes and the language within cinema and the visual arts, and develop your own ideas through practice-based projects.

Visual Communication 1 (Credit Value: 45.00)
develops your drawing skills through life drawing workshops exploring a range of drawing techniques to build draughtsmanship and creative confidence. You will learn how to implement digital techniques in the creation of illustration work, and will investigate stylisation techniques to expand your visual language and improve your visual awareness. You will also consider pre-production techniques that enhance the visual impact of animation and investigate what makes a character design engaging. 

Year two

2D Animation 2 (Credit Value: 45.00)
gives you the opportunity to plan, create, and reflect on, a series of short, punchy animations, before producing a self-directed project using a filmic language. You will focus on visual impact by linking illustrative practice into your animation, and use Foley, dialogue and audio tracks to produce strong animations.  Practical sessions will focus on character performance and acting, and introduce sophisticated animation techniques such as lip sync.

Critical Studies 2 (Credit Value: 30.00)
examines both classic genres within cinema (animation and film) and representation of the human condition. You will explore and investigate these themes through practice-based projects, and produce a sound treatment, storyboard and animatic ready for animation in 2D Animation 2.

Visual Communication 2 (Credit Value: 45.00)
introduces a range of art techniques to enhance your creative techniques and develop your ability to tell short and sharp narratives through illustration work . You will explore concepts for animation and pre-production, improving character design techniques and producing environments for animation. You will continue to develop your observational drawing skills and art techniques through the use of sketchbooks.

Year three

Professional Brief (Credit Value: 60.00)
gives you the opportunity to apply the skills learned in previous years into developing the pre-production of a festival-ready work based on your own ideas, style and 2D technique. You will set your own creative objectives and explore themes you are passionate about. This allows you to engage fully with rigorous industry-based practical work, whilst having the freedom to challenge yourself creatively. 

Final Major Project (Credit Value: 60.00)
is the culmination of your studies, and gives you the opportunity to develop the work produced for the Professional Brief, applying independent learning, professional attitude and industry relevant skills. You will be actively encouraged to build your own online presence as an animator, create a professional showreel and enter your animations into Animation festivals.