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Computing, Engineering and Media Vice-Chancellor's 2020 scholarships

De Montfort University (DMU) is pleased to offer the Vice-Chancellor’s 2020 Scholarship, providing DMU graduates a tuition fee discount of up to 50 per cent on selected full-time and part-time postgraduate courses if you enrol before the end of the 2020/21 academic session.

At DMU, we are fully committed to helping our graduates enhance their careers and personal development through further study. The scholarship, based on academic achievement and merit, applies automatically to all DMU UK and EU students who are graduating this year (2020) or have graduated within the last two years (2019 or 2018)* and achieved a 2:1 (or equivalent) or above. It is applicable to postgraduate taught programmes as well as research courses including; PhD, MPhil, Master’s by Research and Master’s in Research MRes.

*Courses completed in academic session 2018/19 or 2017/18 will attract a 25 per cent tuition fee discount.


Postgraduate programmes offered by the faculty of Computing, Engineering and Media that are eligible for the scholarship for the September 2020 intake:



MSc / PG Diploma / PG Certificate


Terms and conditions

  • Scholarships are available for full-time, part-time and distance learning postgraduate taught Master’s and Research (PhD, MPhil, Master’s by Research, Master’s in Research MRes) courses running in the 2020/21 academic session. Course exclusions apply; please check with the faculty that your chosen course is eligible
  • The scholarship will act as a tuition fee discount to be applied at the point of enrolment
  • Applicants do not need to apply for the scholarship, the award will automatically be confirmed for eligible students
  • Maximum Scholarship Duration: In recognition of the fact that tuition fee payment is spread over a number of academic years, the percentage discount offered at enrolment will remain constant for a maximum of:  

Postgraduate Taught Degree Programmes:

    • 1 year for a full-time MA or MSc (180 credits)
    • 3 years for a part-time MA or MSc (180 credits)
    • 1 year for a full-time PG Dip (120 credits)
    • 2 years for a part-time PG Dip (120 credits)
    • 1 year for a full-time or part-time PG Cert (60 credits)
    • 1 year for a full-time Master’s in Research MRes (180 credits)
    • 3 years for a part-time Master’s in Research MRes (180 credits)

Postgraduate Research Degree Programmes:

  • 1 year for a full-time Master’s by Research
  • 2 years for a part-time Master’s by Research
  • 1 year for a full-time MPhil
  • 2 years for a part-time MPhil
  • 3 years for a full-time PhD 
  • 5 years for a part-time PhD
  • If students enter the ‘fee free’ period as part of the Postgraduate Research Degree Programmes, once the ‘fee free’ period has ceased then the Scholarship would not continue to be applied and the student is liable to pay a continuation fee until an examinable thesis is submitted
  • The scholarship is valid only for entry into the 2020/21 academic session (all intakes within the session are included) – scholarships cannot be deferred by the applicant until a subsequent academic year, with the exception for students wishing to take a sabbatical year and act as an elected Executive Officer at  De Montfort Students’ Union - in such circumstances a one-year extension will be considered
  • Applicants must have previously studied and successfully completed a degree at the DMU Leicester campus, achieving at least a 2:1 classification. To be eligible for a 50 per cent fee discount, the preceding qualifying course must have been completed in the 2019/20 academic session. Courses completed in academic session 2018/19 or 2017/18 will attract a 25 per cent tuition fee discount. No discount will be offered where the qualifying course was completed in the academic years preceding 2017/18
  • Applicants who have already completed a postgraduate course with DMU will not be eligible for the discount 
  • To be eligible, graduates must be classed as Home (UK) or EU
  • Applicants must have no outstanding debt to the university in order to receive the Scholarship
  • Students in receipt of the Scholarship will not be eligible for any other DMU scholarship or award
  • No cash alternatives will be offered and the scholarship cannot be transferred to a nominated recipient
  • Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the university
  • Scholarships are only available to students paying all their own fees (partially sponsored students will not be eligible). Students in receipt of the Postgraduate Student Loans will be eligible.
  • Where a student terminates or interrupts their studies, prior to the completion of their course, both the tuition fees and scholarship will be pro-rated, based on the student’s last date of attendance
  • Interrupting students are entitled to pick up the remainder of the VC2020 Scholarship on their return to study (in line with the maximum Scholarship duration as outlined above)
  • Scholarships will be honoured for course transfers within DMU (providing the transfer is to an eligible course)
  • For students eligible for more than one award they will automatically be awarded the one of greater financial value
  • For students who actively apply for and are successfully awarded another scholarship e.g. VC Sports Scholarship, that award will supersede the entitlement to any automatically awarded scholarship
  • DMU reserves the right to cancel any scholarship which has been claimed fraudulently and to apply the full tuition fee
  • DMU reserves the right to revise, review or withdraw any of the scholarships at any time without prior notice