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Textile Design BA (Hons) module details

Year one 

Visual Enquiry
Expands your conceptual thinking and research skills to visually record and interpret research

Textile Design Rotation 
Introduces you to practice-based design in the four areas of textiles: knit, weave, print and mixed media textiles

Investigating a range of approaches to generate ideas relating to your new pathway specialism

Textile Contexts 
Introduces you to broader design issues, such as global ethical influences. You will explore colour, trends and fabric recognition

Design Cultures 1 
Textile Design will include historical perspectives on the design process; style and consumption; branding and marketing; the social and cultural history of textile design and identity and subcultures

Year two

Technical Block
You will explore all processes and techniques relevant to your chosen subject area to underpin the rest of your studies.

Live Project 
You will have the opportunity to participate in live projects from industry. Pitches will be made by professionals from both fashion and interiors markets to offer a choice of application

You will write their own project brief and will be fully responsible for effectively managing each stage of their project from concept development through to design outcomes

Textile Visions 
This module will explore textile innovations, technology and testing.  Over the course of the module students will participate in practical workshops, supported by lecture/seminars, in order to understand the broad range of applications relevant to textile materials.

Design Cultures 2
You will apply the skills acquired in the first year to develop an understanding of the landscape of their discipline, and to further embed connections with their practical work

Year three

Portfolio Development 
You are expected to develop a pre-collection that captures your ambitions in your chosen subject area that showcases your key strengths and abilities

Final Major Project 
You will develop a collection of designs that captures all your technical skills and signature style for a contemporary market application (fashion/interiors and lifestyle)

Professional Practice 
You will develop employability skills through considering and developing your career ambitions. You will produce a website, e-portfolio and promotional packages, and present your business plan in a professional, pitch environment