Fashion Textile Design BA (Hons) module details

Year One (Level 4)

Explore - examining the practical fundamentals of fashion textile design covering skill development and technical engagement in print, knit, stitch, embellishment, and portfolio skills

Enquire - the development of personal approaches to visual research skills. Focusing on research, concept, information gathering, drawing, photography, image making and visualisation techniques

Construct - introduction to fashion development skills covering pattern cutting, 3D product prototyping and fashion illustration

Define - the further exploration of design concepts, visual research and visualization approaches for fashion contexts in preparation for year 2

Design Cultures 1 - an introduction to the critical, cultural and contextual studies in fashion and textile design, which will cover a range of historical and contemporary themes


Year Two (Level 5)

Develop - the further exploration of practical textile design for fashion, focusing on advancing skills, awareness of design context, markets and application to the body.

Communicate - development of design presentation, conceptual development, CAD, fashion visualization, portfolio and professional practice skills.

Principles - an examination of factors, attitudes, issues and technologies that effect the material culture of fashion. Exploring how issues and influences can develop personal design directions.

Consolidate - consolidation of personal design and technical direction in combination with an extension of product realisation and 3D design skills.

Design Cultures 2 - is a broadening of understanding in the cultural, theoretical and contextual factors effecting the global fashion industry. You will also examine a range of issues such as sustainability, ethics, consumption, and gender.


Year Three (Level 6)

Refine - the platform to experiment, specialise and deepen your knowledge of your chosen design direction for fashion textiles and potential product realisation, via a self initiated project.

Resolve - creation and presentation of a coherent and signature capsule collection of resolved samples and products, which demonstrates your personal style, technical specialisms and design direction.

Promote - advancement and refinement of portfolio, design communication and personal promotion skills to enhance your employability, and engagement with new audiences. You will further advance your CAD skills, digital promotion and personal portfolio presentation.

Design Cultures 3 - focused personal research into the cultural, theoretical and contextual factors effecting the global fashion industry.  This is intended to theoretically underpin your studies and can take the form of an essay, report or journalistic article.

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