English Language and English Literature BA (Hons) Year one modules

The English Language and English Literature BA (Hons) modules listed below are just to give you a flavour of what might be available in your first year and are subject to change.

Year one (Level 4)

Core modules:

Introduction to Drama: Shakespeare 
The course is led by international Shakespearean scholars and divided into four parts, focussing on different approaches to Shakespeare Studies:

  • Shakespeare and Textual Scholarship
  • Shakespeare in Performance
  • Global Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare Adapted

Words in Action
Introduction to Grammar and Linguistics – this module introduces you to the key concepts of linguistics as a discipline, developing the foundation level of knowledge and skills you will build on in later years.

Evolving Language: An Introduction to the Histories of Language
An Introduction to Histories of Language – using the past, present and future of English as the core subject, we examine the various forces (social, political, cultural and technological) which cause a language to develop over time.

Optional modules:

Introduction to English and Adaptation 
This module introduces you to the field of adaptation studies – an area of study that bridges English and other media, including film, television, and graphic novels. You will explore a wide array of adaptations of English literature in a variety of media, particularly film. The module also introduces you to core English skills and film analysis.

Poetry and Society 
Through this module you will develop your understanding of poetic form and genre and consolidate your close-reading skills by scrutinising a range of poems and poets from different historical periods.

Introduction to the Novel
In this module you learn to read and critically analyse fiction at undergraduate level through studying different sub-genres, including Realist, Postmodernist and Neo-Victorian novels. You will learn to engage with critical texts and different theoretical approaches to literature.

Work-based Learning (Placement) Year1
A Work-based Learning (Placement) year offers you the opportunity to experience 'working life' within work places related to your programme/subject discipline.  It allows you to develop work-based skills and apply an academic grounding to employment within an appropriate work environment.

Topics in Linguistics: Theory in Practice
In this module you will learn something of the intellectual history of linguistics as a discipline, and will get to apply the knowledge and skills you acquire on real world material.

Note: All modules are subject to change in order to keep content current.


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