English and Creative Writing BA (Hons) Year one modules

The English and Creative Writing BA (Hons) modules listed below are just to give you a flavour of what might be available in your first year and are subject to change.

Year one (Level 4)

Core modules:

Introduction to Drama: Shakespeare 
The course is led by international Shakespearean scholars and divided into four parts, focussing on different approaches to Shakespeare Studies:

  • Shakespeare and Textual Scholarship
  • Shakespeare in Performance
  • Global Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare Adapted

Evolving Language: An Introduction to the Histories of Language
An Introduction to Histories of Language – using the past, present and future of English as the core subject, we examine the various forces (social, political, cultural and technological) which cause a language to develop over time.

Exploring Creative Writing
This module focuses on short forms, to get you to realise the importance of drafting, editing and making every word have purpose. You will learn to write flash fiction, shaping very short pieces into polished work. You will practise both strict-form and free-verse poetry to develop your ear for voice, and eye for image. You will also explore the craft behind digital forms of writing, such as blogging and Twitter.

Writing Identity
is the first of your themed modules, and encourages you to explore what it means to use your own memories as raw material for creative work. In the first half of the course you will practice converting your own anecdotes into convincing scenes that will immerse a reader in them as if they were their own experiences. In the second half of the course you learn how to create and develop fictional character through generating scenarios and situations for them to react in. Across this course you will engage in philosophical discussions about the nature of the self and the role of memory in establishing our sense of identity, as well as learning the importance of ‘reading as a writer’.

Optional modules:

Work-based Learning (Placement) Year1
A Work-based Learning (Placement) year offers you the opportunity to experience 'working life' within work places related to your programme/subject discipline.  It allows you to develop work-based skills and apply an academic grounding to employment within an appropriate work environment.

Note: All modules are subject to change in order to keep content current.


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