Design Crafts BA (Hons) module details


Year one (Level 4)

Workshop Materials and Processes
This module introduces you to the workshop environment, craft materials, techniques and processes through blocks of study in each of the core material disciplines: - Textiles, ceramics, metalwork and glass. Supporting workshops, such as woodwork, plastics and printmaking are introduced in addition to the core workshops. Documentation of all the workshop processes is developed throughout the module in a technical logbook.

Drawing and Model making
In this studio -based module you will develop ideas through 2d drawings into maquettes, both 2D and 3D models and begin to establish a design studio culture. Practical studio sessions develop your skills in communicating ideas through drawing, model making and 2D design development and CAD, which includes using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. 

Design Cultures 1
Introduces Design Cultures as a subject, contemporary practices, research skills and a range of issues related to broader contexts in art, design and craft. You share ideas with fellow students in seminars and develop your critical thinking, speaking and writing skills. 

Professional Practice and Personal Development Planning
This module introduces you to the range of careers and opportunities for designers and makers. We introduce professional presentation methods for practical work and develop your verbal presentation skills. The ‘Professional Practice Lecture Series’ accompanies the module throughout the year. You will begin to link your own interests to your career aspirations and begin to develop the professional attributes you need in order to achieve your goals during your studies and beyond. 

Craft in Context
Gives you the opportunity to work towards a one-off piece for a gallery, a commission, a design brief or competition, or a collaborative or community project. This project is a culmination of your previous experience in drawing and design development and extends your ideas through making and materials.  By the end of the first year you will start to focus on your strongest areas and can select one material to develop in year two. All materials and processes continue to be available, usually in combination with your main choice. 

Year two (Level 5)

Craft Materials and Processes
This is the main workshop module and your opportunity to specialise in one (or combinations) of materials. You develop your skills and deeper knowledge of materials, processes and technical aspects of craft and making. The core workshops are available to you, but you begin to select the (material) areas of interest and empathy. Your workshop and technical logbook will become more personal and the documentation of exploration and learning around your chosen material(s) is developed in depth.  

Design: Live Projects
This design module is based in the studios and is all about working to set parameters. Students choose and respond to live competitions and briefs. There are opportunities for students to collaborate during this module. Research, drawing and design skills are developed in a professional context and, as part of some projects, concepts and presentation methods may be reviewed by external partners. I.e. Sainsbury’s Homeware design team and The Goldsmith’s Company.    

Design Cultures 2
Design Cultures 2 develops your knowledge of a range of contexts and practices, contemporary and historical. You begin to place your own practice within the field and write a short essay based on a topic that you select from a list of options. You develop skills in research, critical analysis, speaking and writing about your ideas. 

Professional Practice
Professional Practice guides you through organising and setting up an exhibition, event or placement, writing your CV and artist's statement as you begin to build your own professional portfolio. Visiting speakers introduce you to their own personal practice and the practical skills you need to succeed in Design Crafts. You will develop professional skills in verbal and visual communication and prepare a PowerPoint presentation of your own work. There is an opportunity to engage in #DMUglobal (an international experience) as part of this module. 

Year three (Level 6)

Design Crafts Practice
Design Crafts Studio Practice is a practical module where you develop your own personal project, test and identify the context for your work. Research is developed through drawing, design and making. During this module the project proposal is developed and refined in preparation for the final project. Refined ideas are presented at the end of the module and are seen as ‘tasters’ for future work. 

Personal Project
Mainly self-directed, personal ideas are fully developed in materials and in design to a high standard. Students produce finished objects which are of professional quality to feature in a public exhibition. The context for the personal body of work is fully developed and understood. Sketchbooks and technical experimentation are important aspects of the process of making and designing. Design boards are developed communicating your ideas in context. 

Design Cultures: Extended Essay
During this module in term one, the Extended Essay underpins the critical thinking of your practical work. The topic of your essay is usually related to your ideas in the studio practice module.  

Professional Debut
Design Crafts Professional Practice prepares you for your professional debut in Design Crafts. During the module you will research future career opportunities in line with your creative practice, career aspirations and skills set. You will develop confidence in your professional attributes and produce a career portfolio ready for life beyond university.

You exhibit your work professionally at the DMU Art and Design Degree Show and present a professional portfolio, promotional and marketing materials. Students are selected to show at New Designers, the graduate show in London.

Note: All modules are subject to change in order to keep content current.

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