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Dance (Joint Honours) BA (Hons) Year two modules (Level 5)

The Dance (Joint Honours) BA (Hons) modules listed below are just to give you a flavour of what might be available in your second year and are subject to change:

  • Dance Techniques 2
  • Performance Project
  • Choreography for Live Performance
  • Choreography for Screen
  • Dance Contexts
  • Teaching and Leading Dance
  • The Healthy Practitioner
  • Creative Enterprise 1
  • Promoting Dance


Dance Techniques 2 
Continue to explore your technical and performance skills through daily dance class and in an ensemble performance, as well as develop your understanding of anatomy.

Performance Project 
Work with others to create and realise solo, group or ensemble dance work in response to a given brief.

Choreography for Live Performance 
Focus on the skills of devising, composition, creative thinking, self and group direction and collaboration. Consider different contexts for live performance and create your own live choreographic work.

Choreography for Screen 
Develop technical, compositional and production skills using digital cameras and editing techniques to develop new dance work for screen.

Dance Contexts 
Explore ideas of identity in relation to dance performance in a number of key contexts such as gender, sexuality, ethnicity and disability.

Teaching and Leading Dance 1 
Learn how dance artists work in community and educational settings and explore their role as contributors to and leaders in education in a range of community settings.

The Healthy Practitioner 
Learn about and experience a variety of discourses and practices that are currently used in performance industries to develop healthy dance practitioners.

Promoting Dance 
Learn about the key roles and responsibilities involved in curating, organising and promoting dance events.

Note: All modules are subject to change in order to keep content current.



DMU dance students performing at the University Dance FestivalFurther module details:

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