Criminology BA (Hons) Modules

In the first year, the focus is upon providing a good foundation across all aspects of criminology and criminal justice. This allows you to make an informed decision whether to study towards a specific area of professional practice within the sector or to follow a broader path.

First year 

  • Introduction to Criminology - an introduction to theories which explain crime and the response to it, making links between theory, policy and practice
  • Researching Crime and Justice - an introduction to the core concepts of how we understand the world around us, and the role of research in criminal justice practices. The module begins by describing what criminological research is, and ends with an example of how research underpins specific practices in the criminal justice system
  • The Criminal Justice System and its Legislative Context - an overview of the processes, policies and organisational values of agencies in the criminal justice system and those working in partnership to address crime
  • Crime and Punishment in Contemporary Society - explores the impact of 'risk', 'globalisation' and the rise of market society on such issues as state crime, business crime, internet crime, hate crime and environmental crime 

Second year

  • Research for Effective Practice - understanding the relationship between research, theory, policy and practice, overview of methods of research, and development of critical analysis skills
  • Crime, Risk and Community Safety - looks at the impact of crime on communities, aims of community safety and examining risk-based approaches to deal with victims and offenders
  • Punishment and Society - considers theories of punishment and the historical, social and political context of punishment in England and Wales

Plus a range of elective modules, which may include:

  • Domestic Abuse - considers the changing social, political and legal recognition of abuse and violence which occurs within intimate relationships and its impact
  • Mental Health and Crime - introduces students to ‘mental health’, particularly in the context of criminal justice, including topics such as; personality disorder; young people and mental health; diversion; sex offenders and mental health; victims and mental health; mentally disordered offenders and their management; policing mental health; dual diagnosis; and substance misuse
  • Policing introduces the functions of  British public policing, its evolution and contemporary forms, and role within the criminal justice system
  • Drugs, Substance Use and Crime - explores the changing nature of drugs, alcohol, substance use and crime.  The module focuses on exploring the social context of drugs, alcohol and substance use [primarily but not exclusively] in the UK and how it is controlled and managed in various settings with a focus on the criminal justice system
  • Religion, Faith and Crime - compares different faith-based approaches in the community and criminal justice sector.  The module also enables students to develop their understanding of the role of faith and religion in relation to offending.

The range of modules available are subject to change and are dependent on student numbers enrolled and could be withdrawn without prior notice due to limited numbers. 

Third year

  • Dissertation - you will undertake a major piece of work on an area of policy and practice in the field of community and criminal justice
  • Young People and the Criminal Justice System - explores why young people are seen as a ‘problem’, the welfare vs justice debate and its role in contemporary youth justice policy
  • Critical Criminology - discusses political and practical approaches to crime control, crime prevention and crime reduction
  • Victimology - examines the social construction of victimisation, the history and rise of the victim movement and the needs and rights of victims of crime
  • International Perspectives - provides learners with a critical understanding of patterns of crime and developments in social control from an international perspective. Also considers issues relating to the nature and prevalence of state crime


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