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Contour Fashion BA (Hons) module details


Year one (Level Four)

Pattern Cutting and Construction
Pattern cutting bras and soft lingerie pieces. Construction from 2D to 3D physical development of garments. Technical acumen and construction understanding.

Visual Communication
Creative 2D progression capturing sketch books, embellishment, market research, illustration, with CAD support via Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Contour Technology
Intimate apparel production, industry, technology costing, testing and manufacturing, CAD work culminating in design production of self - created outfit. 

Trend and Product Development
Trend and colour theory, sketch books, embellishments, market research, illustration with CAD and Photoshop. 

Design Cultures
Creative written element aligned with Contour Fashion. 

Year two (Level Five)

Progressive Pattern Cutting and Construction
Technical construction module covering swimwear, lingerie, sports bras and corsetry, aligned with 2D to 3D acumen alongside construction and technical development of all garments.

Visual Communication
CAD Module, print design, graphic portfolio development aligned with the Progressive Pattern Cutting and Construction technical and Contour Applications creative module aspects.

Contour Applications
Creative development project, deeper 2-3D understanding with garments created for public view. This encompasses primary through to final outfit, via technical progression, which has both Industry and Catwalk exposure. 

Progressive Trend and Product Development
External client project, concentrates on design presentation skills, highly creative. 2D experimentation aligned with entrepreneurial developments.

Design Cultures
Creative written element aligned with Contour Fashion with further depth and awareness.

Year three (Level Six)

Advanced Pattern Cutting and Construction
External client led project, creatively progressed from primary to final outcome, and supporting 2D to 3D learning, capturing Modaris and technical refinements.

Professional Practice Portfolio
All aspects of Professional Practise, CV coordination, portfolio presentation and Interview techniques.

Final Collection Aesthetic/Technical
Final Major Project, from primary to final production of outfits, covering both Aesthetic and Technical aspects, all technical and garment aligned support to underpin this 

Design Cultures
Final written aspects of design cultures aligned to self negociated subject areas

Note: All modules are subject to change in order to keep content current. 

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