Architecture BA (Hons) module details

Year one (Level 4)

Architectural Studio 1
An introduction to architectural design. A series of design exercises and projects that challenge preconceptions, develop core studio skills and good habits, and introduce key principles of site analysis and response, user-experience and architectural technique.

Architectural Studio 2
A series of design projects to develop an understanding of the key principles of site, user-experience and architectural technique (culminating in the design of a small building for an individual or small number of individuals), and the private spaces of architecture such as the home.

Architectural Communication 1 
Learning assignments to develop your skills in manual and digital drawing, including 3d modelling softwares.

Building Performance and Technology 1
An introduction to light, structure, materials, energy and environmental design, involving case study work and the application of knowledge to design projects.

Architectural History and Philosophy
An introduction to architectural ideas and individuals in relation to current issues in architecture and a broad overview of architectural history. 

Year two (Level 5)

Architectural Studio 3
Extends your skills and knowledge by working on more challenging sites and context where you design a building, or buildings, for a group or community and need to consider both the private and public spaces of   architectural design and the interfaces between them.

Architectural Studio 4
A series of studio options offer you the opportunity to broaden your design interests; Subject to timings and circumstances we may offer live projects, involving real clients and stakeholders. All options extend and explore the private-public themes of ADS3.

Architectural Communication 2  This module extends the core skill-set from Architectural Communication 1 and introduces BIM (Building Information Modelling), CAD-CAM, 3D modelling, interactive file formats, film and digital-work-flow as the basis for exemplar digital drawing and production techniques.

Building Performance and Technology 2
The module develops your understanding of buildings through a consideration of climate design and strategy. Tropical, sub-tropical and arctic (boreal) conditions underpin further learning with regard to environmental analysis and case study work.

Building Performance and Technology 3
Learning from Building Performance and Technology 2 is applied to a design project set in a specific and challenging climatic context in order to extend understanding and application of technique.

Architectural Theories
This module uses the knowledge you obtained on the Architectural History and Philosophy module as the basis for learning about contemporary architectural theories and ideas. 

Year three (Level 6)

Architectural Design Studio 5
Extends the public-private themes of previous modules to introduce ideas of the civic and the city; an urban design/studies project creates the context for, and underpins, the development of building designs in a city/civic setting.

Architectural Design Studio 6
The final studio in the design sequence focuses on city/civic projects that responds to multiple, overlapping agendas in the contemporary city. You will work on a major comprehensive design project for the semester and develop it to a high degree of resolution. Projects will be institutional/public and operate at the scale of the city.

Technical Studies
You will be challenged to extend and demonstrate your understanding of structural, environmental design and construction-design strategy. You will undertake technical studies to demonstrate technical excellence  and integrated design skills.

You will engage with issues around the architectural and building industry and develop your research methodologies, intellectual abilities and presentation skills. The module culminates in an extended written piece of work, or equivalent output.

Practice, Profession and Ethics
This module introduces you to architectural commerce and professionalism through studying business principles, project management, forms of practice, legalities, professional bodies and ethics. You will also familiarise yourself with building development and procurement, and thereby gain insight into the construction, real estate and architectural industries and professional architectural economics.

Note: All modules are subject to change in order to keep content current.

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