Investigative Journalism MA module details

Block 1: Introduction to Practical Investigative Journalism and Media law  

This block introduces students to the wide range skills and competences needed to become effective investigative journalists. The module combines practical, equipment-based training with a wider focus on core investigative skills and media law and ethics. 

Learning focused on production skills will include an introduction to, and development of camera skills; digital editing; shooting techniques for different media; framing, and sound recording.

Alongside the introduction to investigative video production, weekly sessions will focus on legal structures and issues; political structures in the UK and Europe; Regulatory codes affecting investigation; Theoretical, critical and historical approaches to journalism; Viable sources of data; Ethical issues and guidelines that impact on the world of the investigative journalist.  

Block 2: Investigative Journalism: Skills and Theory 

This block will introduce students to specialist journalism techniques currently employed by professionals, including financial journalism and open-source research. As well as investigating the role of journalism within global current affairs

Workshops will continue the development of practical video journalism within the framework of these new research techniques.  Other areas that will be taught include news values, storytelling, assessing risk and producing content for targeted audiences.  

Block 3: Advanced Practical Investigative Journalism 

This block will build on the student's growing ability to apply journalism and video production skills to live investigations by introducing more advanced techniques. These include advanced filming and narrative structures, data journalism, short-hand and investigative podcasting. 

Having prepared for the industry in Blocks 1 & 2, this module will also include a two-week work placement at an independent TV production company, subject to availability.

Block 4: Investigative Journalism: Global Perspectives and Industry 

This block will continue to enhance industry knowledge and understanding that has been developed across the MA, in order to provide students with the right tools and networks to succeed as an investigative journalist.  

Focussed on early career development, professional global industry insights will feature across a range of workshops and guest lectures with current media practcioners and careers advisers.

Block 5: Investigative Journalism Project 

As the culmination of MA, this final, double, block allows students to put into practice all the skills and techniques that have been learnt over the course of their study. Working independently, students will produce a 10–15-minute piece of investigative journalism suitable for broadcast on a commercial channel alongside other audio-visual content and critical analysis.