Forensic Accounting/ Forensic Accounting (Applied) MSc module details

Fraud Examination and Investigation

Develop your knowledge and understanding of incidences of fraud, defalcation, misrepresentation, creative accounting and accounting scandals within organisational contexts. You will be exposed to different fraudulent accounting schemes, the rationale behind them and how they can be detected, prevented and deterred.

Financial Crime and Law

Explore the legal environment in which forensic accounting operates. You will develop an understanding of the law, its principles and the criminal legal system of the UK, and make comparisons with other global legal systems.

Research Methods

This module introduces you to the basic elements of research methodology and the complete range of research methods suitable for research in finance, accounting and business. It aims to help you define a research topic and produce a suitable research proposal for your dissertation.

Governance and Social Responsibility

Recent corporate failures in the UK, Italy and USA have heightened public discourse on the role of corporate governance and corporate social responsibilities (CSR) in business survival. This module will allow to develop the ability to critically evaluate a wide range of concepts, principles, theories, models, systems, mechanisms, reforms and research in corporate governance and CSR. You will also be exposed to the practicality of constructive decision making at the board level to ensure business stability and growth.

Risk Management Part 1

Study the concept of Risk Management with an emphasis on Enterprise Risk Management. You’ll cover the gambit of sources of risk that the modern enterprises face and develop dynamic solutions that mitigate their impact. Much of the coverage is in line with the requirements of the world-renown Institute for Risk Management.

Assurance and Risk

Gain an understanding of the importance of internal controls used within organisations to ensure risks are mitigated to an acceptable level, or avoided altogether. You’ll also develop an understanding of the key areas of an organisation that require internal controls and gain an understanding as to how these key areas could be disrupted to expose the organisation to failure that could have been identified and prevented.

Business Analytics

Strategic and Financial Decision Making

This elective module is designed specifically to consider corporate strategic investment decisions and the underlying financial management issues relevant to these decisions. The module will focus on the allocation of funds within the business and the financial appraisal techniques used in evaluating strategic options. The financing of investment opportunities will then be considered and particular attention will be paid to sources of funds, the cost of those funds and alternative financing strategies. The module will be considered within the context of adding shareholder value.