Contour Fashion Innovation MA module details

Term one modules:

Contour Foundations (Core)

You will gain expert and complex understanding of Contour product, considering materials, shape, pattern, finish, technology and fit. Garment development is integral to this module and you will work towards enhancing pattern cutting knowledge and specialist understanding of fit.

Research Methods (Core)

Teaches you a range of conceptual and practical research skills, such as questionnaire design and interview techniques. As part of this module, you will formulate your major project proposal, specifying your aims, objectives, research methods and expected outcomes. You will also learn how to undertake the literature review for your major project.

In addition, choose one from the following first term modules:

Design, innovation and sustainability (elective)

Designed to introduce the complex issues surrounding sustainability and the role of design and innovation as a driver for change, students will critically examine both the ethical and environmental impact of design and explore a variety of innovative materials and processes.

Fashion promotion and marketing (elective)

This module provides students with theoretical concepts and approaches to communication and commerce within a fashion context. The impact of contemporary factors such as new technologies and the globalisation of the fashion industry on fashion marketing and promotion will also be considered.

Integrated brand management (elective)

Aimed at students who want to be future brand managers, this module provides a thorough understanding of the integrated brand management with special emphasis on brand narrative, which defines and delivers the total brand experience. It explores the holistic approach to brands and examines sensory branding, emotional branding, spiritual branding and experience design. Case studies and examples will be used to identify current winners and losers and describe a number of methods, techniques and models that can be used to make the core concepts come to life as well as evaluating its effectiveness.

Term two modules:

Contour Creative Portfolio (Core)

This module is structured around a creative project where you are encouraged to push at the boundaries of design excellence, considering creativity, communication, technology, sustainability and performance. You will choose either a Portfolio or product route.

Supply and Sourcing (Core)

This module deals with the mechanics of the Industry from product development and planning of the ‘Critical Path’ to production. You will explore supply chain dynamics as well as how and when to source. This module includes potential networking and linking opportunities with manufacturers. There will also be the opportunity of a trade fair visit to Paris, to experience the specialist Interfiliere/Salon Internationale de la Lingerie. As within all core modules, sustainable practice will be examined.

In addition, choose one from the following second term modules:

Business planning for creative entrepreneurs (elective)

The intention is to allow you to contextualise your learning in as realistic a business environment as possible. The aim is to develop entrepreneurial abilities; such skills should prove an invaluable part of your portfolio for future academic and commercial success.

Critical perspectives on ethical and sustainable fashion (elective)

This module seeks to examine key historical and contemporary contexts relating to sustainable fashion, unpicking the complex debates surrounding a range of issues from worker's rights to garment life- cycles. Alternative perspectives on the traditional fashion industry model will be introduced, and both practical and conceptual aspects considered.

Global markets: designing businesses for international growth (elective)

Students will be encouraged to appreciate that the future of successful business innovations depend on delivering benefits better than competitors and learn how to identify what customers want in a global environment.

Term three

The final module will be one of four options:

  • developing a design concept OR,
  • design/practice-based project with practical outcomes OR,
  • dissertation OR,
  • work-based project

Final projects will allow you to focus on an area of personal interest taking this forward in a design/practical led format or theoretical/research context. There is also the option to undertake a work-based project for those wanting to gain industrial experience at a host company.

Note: All modules are subject to change in order to keep content current.