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Undergraduate LBR modules

List of all undergraduate modules.

TitleModule CodeCreditsArea
Advanced care of the critically ill child/young person (L3)PCPH (3016)30Nursing
Antenatal and Newborn ScreeningPRUM (3305)30Midwifery
Applied Care of the Critically Ill AdultPCPH (3014)30Nursing
Applied Care of the Critically Ill Adult (Spire)PCPH (3314)30Nursing
Applied Emergency CarePCPH (3024)30Nursing
Applied Prescribing in the Clinical ContextPRES (3002)15Allied Health Professionals,Midwifery,Nursing
Applied Trauma and Resuscitative CarePCPH (3023)30Nursing
Assessing Healthcare Students in Practical PlacementsPCPH (3035)15Nursing
Care of the critically ill child/young person (L1&2)PCPH (3015)30Nursing
Chemotherapy ModuleNMAH (3387)30Allied Health Professionals,Nursing
Consultation and Physical Examination SkillsPCPH (3005)30Nursing
Contraception and Sexual Health Theory and Clinical PracticePCPH (3002)30Nursing
Developing Research SkillsPCPH (3041)15Nursing
Diabetes Care and Related DisordersPCPH (3009)30Nursing
Enhanced Anaesthetic carePCPH (3018)30Nursing
Enhancing infection prevention and control (Nuffield)PCPH (3433)30Nursing
Fundamentals of Anaesthetic CarePCPH (3017)30Nursing
Fundamentals of Infection Prevention and ControlPCPH (3432)15Nursing
Gastroenterology and HepatologyPCPH (3019)30Allied Health Professionals,Nursing
Immediate Post Anaesthetic and Recovery PracticePCPH (3151)30Nursing
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