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Patient Safety and Human factors in Health Care

The general aim of this module is to improve patient safety and quality and reduce human errors in healthcare by raising awareness and instilling a culture for continuous safety improvement in students/healthcare practitioners. It is a multidisciplinary course promoting teamwork and collaboration to holistically improve safety and quality of care in all settings. The module will be attended by practitioners of all levels such as Nurses, ODPs, Physios, Radiographers, O.Ts and Medical Staff.

The program will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of patient risks, safety and human factors elements which will allow students to preempt errors and safeguard safety. The teachings will aim to provide the tools and confidence for students to assimilate patient safety into their daily activities and being aware of human factors and non-technical skills. Students will develop key transferable skills in appraising safety and care, academic writing, change management and communication. The module will also cover the basis of the human factors discipline relevant to patient safety, looking at a range of key ergonomics and human factors tools and techniques.


Main campus

Entry Criteria

  • Effective registration with the NMC / HPC or other relevant professional body. ESSENTIAL
  • Undertaken successful level 4/5 academic study. ESSENTIAL
  • Currently be employed in practice and have the support of their manager in undertaking the module. ESSENTIAL

How to apply

Online Application Forms and Guidance Information

Key information

Module Category: PCPH
Module Code: 3010
Module Credits: 30
Module Level: 6

Module leader

Ally Ackbarally

T: (0116) 257 7468


Semester X


  • 24/05/21
  • 25/05/21


  • 10/06/21
  • 11/06/21
  • 17/06/21
  • 18/06/21


  • 08/07/21
  • 15/07/21