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Diabetes Care and Related Disorders

This module is concerned with the principles of common themes in diabetes management and associated disorders, and as such covers the epidemiology and  demographics of all types of diabetes, along with diagnostic facets, contemporary medical treatment, lifestyle aspects (such as diet and exercise) and diabetic ketoacidosis. Vascular, ophthalmic and other complications of diabetes are examined along with evidence based prevention strategies (such as promoting health literacy, retinal screening, podiatry and ongoing monitoring.

By the end of the module, the students will be able to apply a variety of principles of diabetes management (eg medication, health monitoring etc) to patient groups of different ages in order to achieve effective outcomes.


De Montfort University Leicester

Entry Criteria

  • Effective registration with the NMC / HPC or other relevant professional body. ESSENTIAL
  • Undertaken successful level 4/5 academic study. ESSENTIAL
  • Currently be employed in practice and have the support of their manager in undertaking the module. ESSENTIAL

How to apply

Online Application Forms and Guidance Information

Key information

Module Category: PCPH
Module Code: 3009
Module Credits: 30
Module Level: 6

Module leader

Bob Oliver


T: (0116) 201 3944


Semester 2


  • 1/2/22
  • 8/2/22
  • 15/2/22
  • 22/2/22


  • 1/3/22
  • 8/3/22
  • 15/3/22
  • 22/3/22
  • 29/3/22


  • 5/4/22