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Law and Medicine

Module code: LLBP 3029

Module description

This module aims to critically consider the relationship between law and medical practice by concentrating on several important and current medico-legal topics. In particular, it considers general issues such as consent to treatment and medical negligence, and specific issues such as death and dying (including euthanasia and physician assisted suicide), abortion, treatments for infertility and organ transplantation. Many of these topics are controversial and generate polarised and interesting debate.

Students are given provided with PowerPoint slides that form the backdrop to weekly seminars. Students are expected to participate in 1 of the 6 dilemmas sessions that take place throughout the year. These sessions are accommodated within the two hour seminar slots approximately every third week. The end of year examination is based on these Dilemma scenarios.

A 3,000 word research assignment offers students the opportunity to choose a subject area which is of interest to them and which enables them to research primary and secondary legal sources as well as considering, where appropriate, clinical, economic, theological, sociological, psychological and philosophical materials in addition to English law.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Seminars: 48 hours


  • Research assessment: 40%
  • Exam: 60%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of a textbook