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Interactive Marketing Campaign

Module code: MARK 3010

Module description

Direct and Digital marketing is a burgeoning area of marketing activity. Organisations of all sizes are taking advantage of advances in computing and communication technology to 'move closer' to their customers and consumers. Databases are capable of storing huge volumes of information on customers and can be used for highly targeted promotional communications in both business to business and consumer markets.

This module aims to give students applied experience in a highly relevant and up to date area of Marketing. It will build knowledge, competence and confidence by working with a current marketing situation to generate an interactive marketing strategy and develop a feasible plan to deliver that strategy.

In a highly competitive employment market it is motivating to know that if you pass this module it means you are eligible to sit for the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM) Certificate in Direct and Digital Marketing (Cert DDM). In short spending time and effort on this module means you could graduate from DMU with a professional qualification and membership of a professional body - This will give you the edge on many of your peers with the letters 'Cert DDM' after your name!

Please note that assessment information is subject to change.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 12 hours
  • Tutorials: 18 hours

Assessment components

  • Report (1250 words): 60%
  • Presentation (20 mins/10 slides): 40%

Additional Costs:

  • £50 Books
  • £120 IDM membership to take IDM exam (not compulsory)