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Housing Policy Making

Module code: PAMG 3005

Module description

The module considers housing policy making processes in-depth. Students will:- 1. Explore housing policy making at national, regional and local levels. 2. Examine housing policy making from a comparative perspective. 3. Develop skills in the use of techniques and methods in housing policy making . 4. Carry out a small scale housing policy-orientated research project. 5. Examine the politics of housing policy making Indicative content 1. Current national, regional and local housing and public policy issues. - Modernisation of government agenda. Governments as strategic enablers. Economic, political and social context. Current housing policy issues. 2. Housing policy making and policy planning systems - Housing policy making processes and procedures including resource allocation systems. National, regional, sub-regional, local systems. 3. Methods and techniques for local policy planning. - Methods and techniques used at each stage of the housing policy making process. Housing market studies and housing needs surveys. Goals, objectives and targets. Generation of alternative strategies. Implementation. Monitoring and evaluation. 4. Politics of housing policy making - Political concepts, ideas and practice e.g. the 'third way', social democracy, neo-conservatism. Central-local relations. Officer-councillor relations. Professionalisation bureaucracy. The policy-action gap. Public policy and ‘new institutionalism.’ 5. Comparative housing policy making – Policy transfer and innovation in housing policy making.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 26 hours
  • Tutorials: 13 hours


  • Journal 50%
  • Report 50%

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books