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Global Consumer Cultures: Critical Perspectives

Module code: MARK3030  

Module Description

This final year module is designed to provide students with a critical lens through which they are able to understand and critique contemporary, global consumptive behaviour. The module will enable students to acquire expertise in being able to critique and analyse the various ways in which global consumer markets operate. The course content follows an inter-disciplinary approach, drawing on theories from sociology, anthropology, cultural studies and psychology. Through the integration of disciplines, students will be able to critically analyse the broader issues surrounding consumer societies globally.               

The module is designed to facilitate critical thinking on the subject area through the utilisation of case studies, global trends and also presents students with the effects, both positive and negative, or organisations' marketing efforts upon consumer culture in general. Designed to build on the foundations of the first two years of study, this module makes an effort to develop an alternative lens through which consumption can be understood and articulated.

The module aims to cover a number of the following key themes:

  • Consumer Behaviour Consumer Culture Theory (CCT)
  • The Consumer Society Globalization
  • The Global Flow of Goods/Products/Services
  • The McDonaldization Thesis Lifestyles and Identity Ethics and Marketing Global Branding Strategies


  • Individual Essay (1300 words): 50%
  • Audio presentation and script (850 words equivalent): 50%