Module code: MARK 3011

Module description

The Internet has become an essential part of almost every company's marketing strategy, whether viewed as a market or a distribution channel. E-marketing should be grounded in the Marketing concept and has a clear impact upon a firm's Marketing Mix. It provides new and exciting ways to communicate with target audiences. It opens up new markets by doing away with the need for intermediaries and expensive shop fronts. In particular, the Internet's international reach opens up foreign markets to SMEs. The Internet has also affected global pricing and opened up new pricing opportunities (for example auctions, dynamic pricing), while new e-products/services have emerged e.g. online music, social networking sites, magazine sites, text messaging services etc. One of the most important applications of E-marketing involves customer relationships management. Firms are utilizing new technologies to discover and meet the needs of demanding customers, to build relationships in order to gain a competitive advantage.

This module will familiarise students with the way the Internet, and other e-media, are used today - and with their potential. There will be an emphasis on good practice, illustrated through examples of both good and bad.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Lectures: 18 hours
  • Tutorials: 8 hours
  • Other: 4 computer labs

Assessment components

  • Individual report (1200 words): 50%
  • Individual action plan (1000 words)

Additional costs: No extra costs other than purchase of books